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things to do in miri, malaysia

The city of Miri in Malaysia is a coastal city located in northern Sarawak. It is popularly known as the site of Malaysia’s first oil drill which gave birth to the booming oil industry in the entire country. You can even tour around their Petroleum Musem if you want to!

Things to Do in Miri, Malaysia
Miri, Malaysia

Apart from the aforementioned, there are a lot of unique activities in Miri. If you have booked a flight to Malaysia, here is a guide of the definite 5 things to do in Miri, Malaysia that you can enjoy!

See the city on top of Canada Hills

This should be definitely the first activity on your list. Nothing better to plan your itinerary by literally seeing the whole city and the coast of Malaysia. It is a limestone ridge which can be trekked by anyone looking for a good workout before enjoying a scenic view.

Petroleum Museum in Miri
Petroleum Museum in Miri

The view is as beautiful as Canada Hills’ history since it was the first place which Sarawak Shell extracted oil from in 1910. The Grand Old Lady statue sits on top of the hills as a remembrance to its past.

The Grand Old Lady
The Grand Old Lady

Witness the marine beauty of Miri-Sibuti National Coral Reefs Park

The treasure of Miri can be found under its waters: the stunning coral reefs of Miri-Sibuti National Park.

It is a famous diving and snorkelling destination due to its rich marine biodiversity. You can find a wide diversity of sea creatures such as Napoleon wrasses, Gorgonia sea fans, staghorn corals, and elephant ear sponges.

The depth of the water ranges from 7 to 50 meters so it is best you rent or buy the proper diving gear to avoid injuries.

Explore the rock formations in Gunung Mulu National Park

This world heritage area is for the adventurers at heart. Gunung Mulu National Park is of great interest to both tourists and researchers.

You can explore the Deer cave and many other caves, swim at the Paku Waterfall, view the limestone karst formations or “pinnacles” of Mount Api. You can also volunteer to help various research projects which aim to further explore the 528-square kilometer area.

Swim the waters at Tusan Beach

The cliff at Tusan Beach seems like straight out of a jungle fantasy book. It overlooks the whole beach and has a passage underneath which visitors can pass through while walking along the shore.

If you are lucky, you can witness the luminous blue waters at night caused by an alga called Dinoflagellates. Its remote location makes it a perfect spot for those looking for a moment alone.

You can also have a picnic with your family or even office outings at Tusan Beach.

Have drinks at the Miri Sky Bar

End your trip with a festive party or an intimate dinner at the Miri Sky Bar. This is one of the most fascinating places to have drinks or eat food with your family or friends.

First, you have the gorgeous view of the city lights at night time. Second, you have the perfect ambiance to go along with your drinks. Third, you can witness the sunset (or even sunrise).

How to get to Miri, Malaysia

You can fly direct to Miri from Kuala Lumpur and other key cities in Southeast Asia. You can also take a bus from Kuching or from Brunei.


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