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Top Tourist Spots in Misamis Occidental

Misamis Occidental is one of the budding tourist spots of the country, with a combination of virgin nature and cultural heritage sites. While there’s a high chance it’s not on your bucket list right now, these tourist spots in Misamis Occidental would change your mind into visiting the province!

Top Tourist Spots in Misamis Occidental
Top Tourist Spots in Misamis Occidental

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Parish Church of St. John the Baptist

Located in the town of Jimenez, this heritage church’s structure hails from the 19th century, and its European architecture is built from the traditional sand-and-coral-stone process of the time. It is among the most well-preserved churches in the country, with its ornate interior and painted ceilings being hailed as one of the nation’s National Cultural Treasures!

Piduan Curtain Falls

This wonderful series of falls is located in Piduan Valley, Don Victoriano Chiongbian. Part of the Malindang Mountain Range, the Curtain Falls is accessible after a two-hour ascent. Its stunning beauty lies in its expanse, with water streaming from a wide breadth of streams embedded in the rocks of the mountainside. The crystal-clear falls looks like a curtain of shining gossamer amidst the raw greens of the forest!

Aquamarine Park

Straddled by the municipalities of Sinacaban and Tudela, the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park houses a wide variety of native animals. Its major attractions include the Dolphin Island, a man-made island that has just recently been renovated. There is also a fish-hatching station and a mangrove forest. Aside from marine mammals and various aquatic creatures, the park also has a wildlife center! Those wishing to visit this expansive tourist spot in Misamis Occidental can also lodge at the hut-style cottages along the mangrove forest.

Sapang Dalaga Falls

Also called the Baga Falls, this is an easily accessible tourist spot that is only about two kilometers away from the town proper of Sitio Celso Velez. Instead of raw nature, the falls is surrounded by a park (with a statue of the titular maiden). The park is complete with picnic tables and a function hall, making it great for family outings.

Baliangao Sunrise Beach

If you’re looking for a good white-sand beach, Sunrise Paradise Resort in Baliangao has just what you need. The beach has all the amenities you would expect, but only a handful of people are here at a time so you can enjoy the serenity of nature. There are rustic swings, a volleyball court, and affordable cottages, but the area is dominated by a very rural feel that might just be what you need to disconnect and unwind from the grind.

Hoyohoy Highland Mountain Park

Located in Tangub City, this park is famous for operating two of the longest zip lines in the county. It also offers magnificent views of Panguil Bay, along with the surrounding towns. The park also has gardens where scientific studies are conducted on plants. It’s a one-of-a-kind botanical garden. Located in Barangay Hoyohoy at the foot of Mt. Malindang, this is one of the top tourist spots in Misamis Occidental.

Hoyohoy Highland Mountain Park

Since Misamis Occidental is just a short drive from the other gems of Mindanao, it’s worth your time to pay it a visit. You’re sure to have a grand time!

How to get to Misamis Occidental

The gateway to Misamis Occidental is Ozamis. You can fly from Manila to Ozamis Airport and you can easily get around the province. Buses are also available from nearby provincesand as far sa Cagayan de Oro City and Zamboanga City.


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