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Top Tourist Spots in Occidental Mindoro

Occidental Mindoro is truly a home of beaches and natural wonders. It’s one of the places in the Philippines that can give you a great holiday experience. And if you are currently planning a trip to this wonderful island, here we give you the top tourist spots in Occidental Mindoro.

Top Tourist Spots in Occidental Mindoro
Apo Reef National Park | Photo by macoy.mejia under creative commons

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Apo Reef Natural Park

Apo Reef is one of the top tourist spots in Occidental Mindoro visited by most of the tourists in the country, be it domestic or foreign. Who wouldn’t want to see the beauty of the underwater world when it’s actually reachable? This is the largest coral reef system in the country if you don’t want to miss this out, be sure to visit the western waters of Occidental Mindoro.

Apo Reef Natural Park
Apo Reef National Park | Photo by NOAA Photo Library under creative commons

Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park

If you want to try an adventurous ride, Mt. Iglit- Baco National Park should be the top of your travel list. This place is good for hiking and trekking. Apart from that, you get to interact with an ethnic tribesfolk called the Mangyans and get to see the home of the endangered Tamaraw in the country. Remember to bring your strong knees and brave heart to reach the peak of the mountain!

Kalong River

Kalong river is one of it’s kind. It has a beach-like riverbank with white sands and crystal clear water. It is an inland body of water located in Abra de Ilog. If you want to experience swimming in a beach-like river, this is your best chance to see this amazing paradise.

Onoda Trail and Caves

For fitness enthusiasts who want a break while still spending time to exercise, Onoda Trails and Caves is your perfect match. The trail is open 24 hours located in Puting Bato Mountain in Lubang. The adventure is free but careful on the trees and rocks that may hinder you from a smooth hike. It’s true that the best things in life come for free!

Inasakan Beach

For the people who never get tired of beaches and saltwater, Inasaka Beach is truly a blessing in disguise. It is considered as one of the top tourist spots in Occidental Mindoro because of its tropical location, clear and cold water, and white sand.

White Island / Manadi Island

If you enjoy Inasakan Beach, you’ll surely love the feeling when you get to Manadi Island. It is blessed with white sands, coconut trees, and fresh tropical air. This place fits for those who want to get tanned and salty.

Ambulong Island

Another tourist destination that will fascinate you the most is the Ambulong Island. Although the sand here is not as white as the Manadi Island, you can get a chance to see turtles and other marine life swimming freely under the ocean. It is a safe haven for animals and for tourists

How to get to Occidental Mindoro

The capital of Occidental Mindoro is Mamburao but the airport in the province is situated in San Jose City, the largest city in the province. As of this writing, there is 3x weekly flight via Cebu Pacific on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Since the flight is very limited, most people going to the province take a bus and ferry via Calapan or Abra de Ilog. Below is the schedule of ferry trips to Occidental Mindoro.


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