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Top Tourist Spots in Samar

Samar is considered as the third largest island in the country and is divided into three regions: Samar, Northern Samar, and Eastern Samar. Before it became a province itself, Samar was under the jurisdiction of Cebu together with Leyte. This was influenced by Spanish colonial power but later on, separated and became a province in 1865. To describe, Samar province is mountainous. You can see 200-800 meters high hills with steep slopes surrounded by trees. And if you are planning to explore this island, the list of the top tourist spots in Samar below will give you a hint of what to expect from it.

Top Tourist Spots in Samar
Top Tourist Spots in Samar

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Samar, Philippines

Sohoton Caves & Natural Bridge Park

The Natural Bridge Park was established way back 1935. The main purpose of it was to protect exotic rock formations, rainforest, and caves near the Sohoton River. The main reason why it is built is still existing but the park has attracted more eyes until it became one of the tourist spots in Samar. If you are ready to witness the majestic natural resources of the Eastern Visayas, you must visit this place.

San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the country connecting Samar to Leyte. It has an arch-shaped design and 1.34 miles length, making it unique from other bridges in the Philippines. Enjoy the amazing sight while driving along this bridge and make sure to get your best shot of the place.

San Juanico Bridge
San Juanico Bridge

Tarangban Falls

Samar is a haven of waterfalls. One of the best spots you can find in this province is Tarangban Falls. Unlike any other falls, the water from Tarangban doesn’t fall straight to the ground. The water falls level by level, making it look like an elevated river worthy for your eyes to behold.

Ulot River

This river has massive rapids which makes it possible for a thrilling canoe adventure to happen. Although the river seems wild, safety precautions are observed by giving life vests and helmets to adventurers. If you are looking for an extreme experience, make sure to visit this destination. The Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride has recently won 1st place in the Best Practices on Community-Based Responsible Tourism (Community-Based Tourism Enterprise) category of the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines – Department of Tourism (ATOP – DOT) Pearl Awards.

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

Lulugayan Falls

Another falls attraction in Samar is the Lulugayan Falls. This falls has a wide landscape and the water flows just fast that it looks like a white curtain spread out to cover a huge wide window. Prepare yourself as you run through several farms, forests, and maze of roads before you can see the beauty of this hidden treasure.

Calbiga Caves

Calbiga Caves is one of the top tourist spots in Samar and is has the largest cave system in the country. It extends to 2,968 hectares with huge columns and formations. So far, 12 caves have been discovered and some are waiting to be found.

Pinipisakan Falls

Pinipisakan Falls is a unique tourist destination in Samar. If Lulugayan Falls has a 1 level wide landscape where water falls like a curtain, Pinipisakan has 2 levels of that kind of waterfalls. Don’t miss your chance to get a relaxing sensation just by watching the falls!

How to get to Samar

The quickest way to go to Samar is by taking a flight from Manila to Catbalogan or Calbayog from Cebu. From there, you can easily get around the province by taking a van.

You can also take an overnight bus or van from Manila to Samar. If from Cebu, you can take a boat to Calbayog. And, if you come from Davao, you can take a Philtranco Bus and alight in Catbalogan or Calbayog. Alternatively, you can also ride a Bachelor Bus from Davao to Tacloban and take a van from there.


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