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Incredible Things to do in New Delhi

The symbol of India’s rich history and thriving present is New Delhi. It’s a combination of ancient temples and mosques, and the country’s booming commerce and street life. But these changes never depreciate their culture but kept them intact instead. [Check out our list of top things to do in Amritsar]

Experience Incredible India With The Top 5 Things to Do in New Delhi
India Gate in New Delhi

New Delhi is immense that you might want to explore every corner of the city. But don’t get overwhelmed! Start with our 5 top things to do in New Delhi.

Have a taste of their street food

There’s a lot of interesting street food in New Delhi that you shouldn’t miss. You can enjoy their famous jalebis, a fried sweet swirled dough, or a vegetable-stuffed bread called parathas. You can also have a taste of the chaatpapdi and golgappas which both contain spicy potatoes.

Indian street food | Photo by Deepak Sah under creative commons

These food in New Delhi are definitely worth the try since no other country serves them as tasty as India does!

Visit the famous Humayun’s Tomb and Lodhi Gardens

If you want to have a close look of the Persian elegance matched with Indian craftsmanship, the Humayun’s Tomb is for you to visit. It is Taj Majal-inspired structure located at New Delhi.

The body of emperor Humayun was housed in this place along with other heroes of Mughal. You can walk outside in the garden if you want to have a peaceful moment, while you can also roam inside and see the marble tombstones. It’s also impossible not to have goosebumps while walking in the entrance with the Humayan’s Tomb old photographs and history.

Humayun’s Tomb

Not far from the Humayun’s Tomb is the Lodhi Gardens. You’ll feel the same serenity and peacefulness when you visit this garden. It’s specially designed for people who are feeling a bit stressed out in the city.

Have a stroll at Gandhi Smriti

The Gandhi Smriti is a place where Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian activist who lead the Indian Independence Movement, was assassinated on January 30th of 1948. The house is also where he lived 144 days before his death. The place is exactly how he left it so you’ll get a closer look at his day-to-day activities.

As one of the top things to do in New Delhi, a visit to Gandhi Smitri will make you appreciate the past of India towards success.

Shop at Hauz Khas Village

Since medieval times, the Hauz Khas Village is known for its boutiques, cafes, pubs, antique, art shops, and more. It is a reflection of India’s urban culture and hipster vibe. If you’re looking for souvenirs, this can be the perfect place to shop. You can also take out some of their delicacies and have it send to your relatives!

Get Acquainted With Indian Art

New Delhi’s National Museum is full of treasures. It houses the statues, paintings, wood carvings, and many artifacts that have been preserved for years. What they are most proud of are the figurines from Harappan civilization aged 5000 years. They also have ceramics that are older than Nal civilization. Other items include Buddha relics, jewelry, and paintings.

That said, getting acquainted with Indian Art should be in your list of top things to do in New Delhi!

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