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Iloilo City is called the City of Love for many reasons. First, the Ilonggos are known as the most kind-hearted, friendly, and soft-spoken Filipinos. The warmth of their welcome will already make you feel loved and at home. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Iloilo]

How to Spend 24 Hours in Iloilo?

Second, Iloilo, despite being a progressive city, also preserves islands in their place. The love they give to their homeland is seen by the improvement of the city’s infrastructures without compromising its natural beauty.

No doubt that Iloilo is one of the best places to travel to. For a quick getaway, here’s how to spend 24 hours in Iloilo:

Morning Church Hopping

Iloilo houses a lot of heritage churches all over the city. So for your travel in Iloilo, you should visit churches in the city proper like Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993; or the St. Anne Parish, famously known as the Molo Church, which is considered as the Feminist church in the Philippines. This is called the Feminist church for the reason that all the 16 aisle pillars in the parish have embellished female saints.

Molo Church in Iloilo - must inlucde in your Iloilo Itinerary
Molo Church in Iloilo

Lunch at Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood

Your 24 hours in Iloilo will not be complete without dining in Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood. They have the freshest seafood that will delight your taste buds. Their best-selling dishes are Native Lechon Manok, Kinilaw na Tanigue, Boneless Bangus, and of course, the Ilonggo-style seafood. The best part is it’s a turo-turo setting which is very Filipino by heart!

Lunch at Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood

Visit Museo Iloilo

The Museo Iloilo is primarily built to honor the Ilonggo heroes and ancestors. It houses the historical and cultural artifacts that show the rich culture of the entire region. The main exhibit is the carbon q4 remains of the Mondo tribe along with their spears and swords.

Apart from that, they also set up a mini library inside the museum with the books about the province and other photographs of pre-war of Iloilo. This will not only teach you a lot about their history but also amaze you with their rich artifacts.

Have a taste of the original La Paz Batchoy at Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy

Iloilo is known for serving the best La Paz Batchoy. Although debates follow whether who among the restaurants offer the best La Paz Batchoy, Netong’s still topped as the most authentic. They have a very unique Batchoy mixture that has passed on generation to generation. Apart from the delicious broth, they also have a generous serving of fried garlic and crushed chicharon toppings for added flavor.

La Paz Batchoy at Netong's
La Paz Batchoy at Netong’s

Explore La Paz Market

After a hearty bowl of Batchoy in Netong’s, you should also explore the same place, La Paz Public Market. They offer dried fish, dried pusit, and other Ilonggo delicacies that you can take home as pasalubong.

Netong's at La Paz Market
Netong’s at La Paz Market

Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant

The Breakthrough Restaurant is known for standing almost three decades of good food and hospitality. They offer extraordinary seafood dishes liked the Baked Scallops with mouthwatering cheese; Sinabawan Na Imbao for a cold night; and the tasty Native Lechon Manok. After this dinner, your tummy will surely be full and satisfied!

Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant
Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant

Breakfast at Madge Cafe

The best thing to do to conclude your 24 hours in Iloilo is to have breakfast at Madge Cafe. It is not a typical cafe as it serves the freshest brewed coffee in the morning. The coffee beans are locally planted in the northern parts of Iloilo and the province of Guimaras.

Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant
Dinner at Breakthrough Restaurant

You can even choose a mixture which fits your preference. They have strongly brewed, regular brewed, or one mixed with milk. Further, you can also request for puto, ibus or pan de ciosa to go with it.

Indeed, 24 hours in Iloilo is enough to refresh your mind. Simply follow the best tips we’ve mentioned and you’ll have a great weekend getaway!

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