MANILA ITINERARY: How to Spend 24 hours in Manila?
Bustling Tourist Spots in Metro Manila You Should Never Miss Out!

Going to Manila can be exciting as it has multiple sightseeing spots, historical attractions, food hubs and many more! On this list, we include some of the best activities and ways to spend 24 hours in Manila. [Check out our list of must-visit tourist spots in Manila]

Visit the National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum is open every Tuesday until Sunday from 10AM until 5PM. It holds annual traditional events in certain months such as the National Art Month in February, National Heritage Month every May, and National Museums and Galleries Month by October.

National Museum of the Philippines
National Museum of the Philippines | Photo by Judgefloro under creative commons

Local and foreign travelers can now visit the National Museum for free, on top of that, here are the three buildings inside the museum, wherein you can find thousands of paintings, collections, and other treasures:

  1. National Museum of Fine Arts
  2. National Museum of Anthropology
  3. National Planetarium

Lunch in Binondo

If you really want to spend 24 hours in Manila and have a gastronomic adventure, you can never go wrong in Binondo. Your travel in Manila will never be complete without having lunch in Binondo, the oldest Chinatown worldwide where you can taste the best Chinese cuisine!

Dong Bei Dumplings
Dong Bei Dumplings

While you’re in Binondo, we suggest that you to try these food:

  1. Dumpling and Xiao Long Bao at Dong Bei Dumplings
  2. Tikoy and Machang in Ho-land Hopia & Bakery
  3. Fried Siopao in Shanghai Fried Siopao
  4. Hakaw and Siomai at Wai Ying Fastfood

Explore Intramuros

Rich in history during the Spanish and Chinese era, defense structures, colonial houses and even the old churches established in the city like San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral can all be found here in Intramuros.

Kalesa in front of Malate Church, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines | Bigstock Photos

The old “Walled City” of Metro Manila houses Fort Santiago, Plaza de Roma, and San Agustin Museum. Exploring Intramuros is one of the best ways on how to spend 24 hours in Manila by appreciating the history of the Philippines and acknowledging the sacrifices that Filipinos have made decades ago to make our country free.

Dinner at Casa Roces

For a full romantic or relaxing night, have dinner at Casa Roces. It features a coffee house, dessert bar, and a bistro perfect to suit the needs of every discerning diner. If you’re up to pasta, entrees, cocktail drinks and other Filipino snacks set in sophisticated interior design with vintage chandelier and warm lights, include Casa Roces to your itinerary plan.

Casa Roces
Casa Roces

Enjoy the rest of the night in Poblacion Makati

One of the best ways to spend 24 hours in Manila is to enjoy the vibrant nightlife experience that awaits you in Poblacion Makati. This place has been the most favorite of partygoers to chill out with friends, meet new people and make new set of friends.

  • The Odd Seoul for signature soju
  • For cocktails infused with local craft beer, your go-to bar is Polilya
  • Drink unique beverages ‘til you drop in Alchemy Bistro Bar
  • If you prefer a quiet place to chill, attend some acoustic and poetry nights at Dulo Restaurant Bar Café.

Breakfast at the Wholesome Table in Salcedo, Makati

Just before you bid goodbye to Manila on the next day, you better make sure to eat some breakfast at the Wholesome Table perfectly located in Salcedo, Makati. For the health conscious and everyone who follows a strict diet, visit Wholesome Table where every food comes from organic sources. There are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors, just good food for the heart.

The Wholesome Table in Salcedo, Makati
The Wholesome Table in Salcedo, Makati

By following this list, we can guarantee that your 24 hours in Manila can be enjoyable, just make sure you have enough budget before you start your adventure in the city.

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