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Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, is located in the South Central part of the country. It’s not that chaotic yet full of attractions compared to the nearby cities. You can do various activities such as hiking, birding, viewing of scenic wonders, and more.

Top 6 Things to Do in Kampala, Uganda!

Apart from that, the people of Kampala are known to be friendly and kind. So the next time you visit the place, approach the locals and enjoy the top things to do in Kampala, Uganda.

Ride the Boda-Boda

The boda-boda is the most common form of transportation in Kampala. It is a motorbike taxi that can take you to all parts of the city. You can tour around the local culture while feeling the vibe, smelling, seeing, and hearing the rawness of the city!

You can also apply for a tour package of 3-6 hours. The boda-boda driver will tour you around all the angles of the city, including a total of 7 plus 16 other remaining hills.

Visit the Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi Tombs is a political and spiritual site in Uganda. It is even noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2011. It is known as a burial ground for former Kings of the Buganda Kingdom and members of special warrior tribe. No doubt a visit to the tombs is one of the top things to do in Kampala, Uganda!

Kasubi Tombs | Photo by not not phil under creative commons

Editor’s note: The Kasubi Tombs is currently undergoing renovation and is closed to the public. However, there are people guarding the place who will call you out when they see you outside and will tell you to go in. They will ask you for a fee.

Kasubi Tombs

Shop at the Craft Market

Kampala is known for colorful crafts and jewelry. If you want to take home some, go shop at Buganda Road’s Craft Market. You can have many choices from vibrant clothes, prints, baskets, pottery, figurines, and paintings.

Kampala’s Craft Market

There are also temporary markets scheduled weekly and monthly at Makindye and in front of the Railway Station. You can even talk with the artists and have some products personalized!

Watch Ndere Troupe’s Performance at Ndere Centre

If you want a dance and music performance on a dinner date, then have a night booked at Ndere Centre. It showcases Uganda’s tribal dances from energetic groups. It has a 700-seat amphitheater that caters to tourists and locals at 6 PM on Sundays and 7 PM on Wednesdays. You can also witness an Afro-jazz night at 7 PM on Fridays.

Visit Uganda National Cultural Centre

Immerse in the Uganda National Cultural Centre to know more of the country’s art, culture, and entertainment. They have a lineup of live dance, music, and drama performances to enjoy. They also have film showings of their classics like Nekosamurai, Oshin, and His Master’s Voice.

Don’t worry about getting hungry as they also have bars and restaurants outside. With drum and jam sessions, and comedy performances, this will surely be your best night in the city! As one of the top things to do in Kampala, this will definitely teach you a lot about the city.

Tour Around Baha’i Temple

The Baha’i Temple is the only Baha’i house of worship in Uganda. The Baha’i religion is new and a mixture of nine religions. It promotes equality on humankind, and a visit to the temple will tell.

The Baha'i House of Worship
The Baha’i House of Worship | Photo by Bxtst under creative commons

Amazingly, Baha’i Temple has nine entrances and one big dome. You’ll just climb up at the hill and have a perfect view of the entire Kampala city!

Other interesting tourist attractions in Kampala are the Rubaga Cathedral, Uganda Museum, and National Mosque.

Rubaga Cathedral
Rubaga Cathedral
Uganda National Mosque
Uganda National Mosque

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