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Do you miss your favorite goodies from Baguio City? With travel restrictions currently in place due to the community quarantine, it is still possible to enjoy these 10 Baguio products that you can purchase online.

The shipping fee is not that much so you may order these products wherever you are in the Philippines. Shipping fee within Metro Manila starts at Php35. The shipping fee to Mindanao starts at Php50 and Php45 to the Visayas.

Popular Baguio Products

Sagada, Benguet or Kalinga Coffee

One of the best goodies you can find in Baguio is highland coffee from Sagada, Benguet, and Kalinga. Yes, you can have these coffee products without going up north! You can choose to buy ground coffee or beans. This is a must-try for coffee lovers! ORDER NOW!

Sagada, Benguet or Kalinga Coffee you can buy online

Good Shepherd Ube Jam

The Good Shepherd Ube Jam is probably the most sought after Baguio product. People who visit Baguio usually get a bottle of these delightful Baguio goodies before heading home. If you haven’t tried this product, you should get one now. BUY NOW!

Good Shepherd Ube Jam - one of the Best Baguio Products You Can Buy Online

Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam

Baguio is famous for its sweet strawberries from La Trinidad, Benguet. It can get expensive during off-season but you can always get a bottle of Strawberry Jam from Good Shepherd. There are other cheaper brands but Good Shepherd offers the best quality and taste. If you miss this Bagio goodie, you can buy it now and delivered it to you, hassle-free. ORDER NOW!

Good Shepherd Peanut Brittle

Good Shepherd Peanut Brittle is another popular Baguio product you should try if you haven’t yet. This is a perfect snack to munch while you are watching your favorite Netflix show. BUY NOW!

Good Shepherd Lengua de Gato

Lenguas de gato are Filipino butter cookies made from milk, butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. This sweet, thin, and crunchy snack is perfect to pair with your favorite coffee (black preferably). ORDER NOW!

Good Shepherd Snowballs

Good Shepherd is famous for its sweet treats like snowballs, which are vanill cookies with cashews formed into balls. It is then dusted with a powdered sugar for a snowball effect and to enhance the flavor. BUY NOW!

Good Shepherd Blueberry Jam

If you are tired of strawberries and you want beyond the usual, then I highly suggest you get a bottle of blueberry jam from Good Shepherd. This is perfect for your morning toast to start your day right. ORDER NOW!

Good Shepherd Mango Jam

Good Shepherd’s Mango Jam may not be as popular as its strawberry jam but it’s worth a try especially if you love mangoes. Just get a slice of your favorite white bread, spread the jam, and voila you get a simple yet delightful merienda. BUY NOW!

Good Shepherd Orange Marmalade

Made from the juice and peel of fresh oranges, Good Shepherd’s Orange Marmalade is another perfect pair for you breakfast toast. If you haven’t tried this, you should get one today. ORDER NOW!

Good Shepherd Strawberry Jelly

If you prefer to get a jelly than a jam, then the Good Shepherd Strawberry Jelly is the perfect fit for you. The same quality and taste but with different texture. BUY NOW!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

PS: You can also get walis tambo from Baguio! You can buy here.

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