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When I heard about AirAsia’s UNLI Flight Pass I got really excited. I know that the travel industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic but I am positive that this will be over soon and travel will slowly get back to normal. Once this is all over, I plan to explore more of the Philippines, so the AirAsia UNLI Flight Pass will really be useful to travel on a budget.

The redemption was easy, I just login with my BIG account and I saw the ticket icon on the top right of the screen. I clicked it and directed me to a page to activate my UNLI Flight Pass. I just put in my full name, then I got the unique code and I am ready to use it and book my flights. It is that easy!

Now that I have activated my pass, I am starting to plan for my future trips. I plan to travel in the second quarter of next year. If the pandemic will not be over by then, I am positive that traveling should be somehow better by that time.

I want to withness the phenomenal sunset of Boracay once again. I also want to experience the food scene of Iloilo and Bacolod. There is just so many things I miss doing.

Can’t wait to travel again. Thanks to AirAsia for this wonderful promo. I will still be able to travel for less after this is all over.

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