2021 New Protocols for Arriving Passengers at NAIA

Starting 1 February 2021, a new protocol will be observed for all arriving passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The new protocols cover OFWs, Non-OFWs, and foreigners arriving at NAIA regardless of their port of origin.

For international passengers arriving at Mactan Cebu International Airport, please check here: MCIA Arrival Protocols and Accredited Hotels. If you are arriving at Clark International Airport, please refer to Clark Airport Arrival Protocols and Accredited Quarantine Hotels.

Who are allowed to travel to the Philippines?

The ban on foreign travelers has been lifted but foreigners with tourist visas are still prohibited from entering the country. Only the following are allowed to travel to the Philippines:

  • Returning Filipino citizens
  • Foreign nationals with long-term visas
  • Diplomats and dignitaries
  • Persons with medical emergencies

Full list of foreigners who are allowed to enter the country effective February 1, 2021:

Testing Protocols

Effective February 1, arriving passengers will no longer be tested upon arrival. Returning Filipinos (ROFs) and foreigners will be tested only on the fifth day from the date of their arrival at the quarantine hotel they are in. Early testing will only be done for those who show symptoms of COVID-19.

Airport Protocols

Before You Fly

  • Fill out the Electronic Case Investigation Form (e-CIF) as early as 3 days before your flight to Manila.
    • e-CIF for land-based OFWs: e-cif.redcross.org.ph
    • e-CIF for sea-based OFWs: ecif.firstaide.ph
    • e-CIF for all non-OFW passengers (including Returning Overseas Filipinos, authorized foreign nationals, etc.) arriving in Manila: Coordinate with your airline. For PAL, you can fill this out: bit.ly/MNLPALeCIF
  • Non-OFWs should pre-book a hotel accredited by Tourism and Health Agencies for at least 6 nights. Please refer to this list of DOT-Accredited Quarantine Hotels in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.
  • For land-based OFWs, create/update your account on the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS) at oasis.owwa.gov.ph/

During Check In

  • During check-in, sign the Declaration and Waiver Form indicating that you are healthy and fit to travel.
  • Present your QR code, Affidavit of Undertaking, and the Traze App

Upon Arrival

  • Accomplish the Health Declaration Form, Bureau of Customs Form, and Arrival Card.
  • Attend the briefing of the Philippine Coast Guard
  • For OFWs: Proceed to the OWWA (land-based OFW) or MARINA (sea-based OFW) Desk for quarantine hotel assignments.
  • For non-OFWs: Proceed to the validation and verification desk where to confirm your e-CIF data. Pre-pay the RT-PCR test (PHP 4,000).
  • Submit the Affidavit of Undertaking to the Philippine Coast Guard and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) form to the BOC Officer before exiting the terminal.
  • Proceed to your respective transport vehicle for transfer to your quarantine hotel.

Quarantine Protocols


  • Your quarantine hotel will be arranged by OWWA for land-based OWF and MARINA for sea-based.
  • Your RT-PCR test via Red Cross will be covered by the agency
  • You will receive an e-mail on the third day of your quarantine to fill up a health check questionnaire
  • RT-PCR testing will be administered on the fifth day from the date of arrival.
  • At any point from the day of arrival to day 5, passengers showing symptoms shall inform their hotel of their condition. The hotel shall inform the DOH and BOQ for assessment, medical management, and testing.

Non-OFW and Foreigners

  • Non-OFWs and foreigners shall cover the cost of their accommodation in a quarantine hotel. You can book your stay in advance to make sure you get a room when you arrive. These are the DOT and BOQ-approved Quarantine Hotels in Manila and nearby provinces.
  • Your RT-PCR test cost will be at your own expense. You may pre-pay and schedule a test when you arrive at the airport.

Test Results

  • If you test positive, you will be assessed by a health/quarantine officer to determine the appropriate next steps.
  • If you test negative, you may obtain the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) medical certificate via quarantinecertificate.com.
  • Present your test result and BOQ medical certificate for clearance when checking out.

Checking Out and Going Home

  • Please coordinate with your Local Government Unit (LGU) for the continuation of your 14-day mandatory quarantine or isolation.

Stay safe and welcome back, home!

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