10 Best Bacolod Delicacies You Can Buy Online

If you are planning to visit Bacolod but you haven’t had the time yet due to the pandemic, or have been to Bacolod and missed the chance to shop for some of the best pasalubong from Bacolod, don’t worry for you can purchase Bacolod’s famous delicacies online.

To taste Bacolod’s best delicacies, here are the 10 best pasalubong from Bacolod you can buy online.


Piaya or Piyaya is one of the most popular and best delicacies from Bacolod you can buy online. This sweet Bacolod delicacy is toasted unleavened flatbread filled with muscovado or ube, then topped with sesame seeds. Piaya can be served warm or cold as a dessert or snack. The piaya filled with muscovado is the more traditional one, but the ube-filled has also become popular over the years.


Another best delicacy from Bacolod is Butterscotch. It is a confectionary made with brown sugar, butter, and toasted cashews. Buy a pack of Bacolod Butterscotch


Derived from the Spanish term bizcocho, Biscocho is yet another best delicacy from Bacolod. Although Biscocho is available throughout the Philippines, it is a famous biscuit delicacy in Bacolod which is a twice-baked pastry sprinkled with sugar, and coated with butter. Biscocho is best served with a cup of coffee, or tea as breakfast, or snack. Get yourself a pack of Bongbong’s Biscocho

Butterscotch & Biscocho


A favorite among locals in Bacolod, Barquiron is another popular pasalubong. This delicious delicacy is a combination of another popular Bacolod delicacy, the Barquillos filled with flavorful polvoron. Its crunchy texture outside and chewy texture of the polvoron makes Barquiron a popular dessert and snack in Bacolod. Buy a pack of Barquiron


Rosquillos is a popular delicacy in Bacolod that has been around since 1907 and was created by Margarita “Titay”. Rosquillos is a cookie made with eggs, flour, sugar, shortening, and baking powder, and comes in two variants. The cookies variants differ in shape, the regular one with a round hole in the center, and the Corazon cookie with a heart hole center. Purchase a pack of Rosquillos

Creme Toast

Creme Toast is another must-try delicacy in Bacolod also available in Merzci Pasalubong Center or at Bongbong’s. The scrumptious delicacy is bite-size buttery toasted bread perfectly eaten as a snack and paired with coffee, tea, or juice. Buy now

Caramel Tarts

Shape liked a boat, Caramel Tarts or Boat Tart is a popular delicacy in Bacolod. The boat-shaped crust is a pastry made with buttery caramel filled the crusty tender crust, and laced with white icing. Caramel Tarts is a perfect pasalubong paired with any beverage. Order online


Barquillos is another popular delicacy and pasalubong from Bacolod that originates in Spain. Barquillos looks like an unflavored rolled wafer stick, but it is flavorful and crunchy which makes it a perfect snack or can be used as a topping for desserts. Order a pack of Barquillos


A favorite snack in Bacolod is the famous delicacy Bañadas. The round-shaped flat biscuit is a light crunchy snack topped with white sugar the same as the Pacencia biscuit but bigger. Bañadas is perfectly served with coffee, tea, or juice. Buy now


Other than its delicious pastries, Muscovado is one of the best pasalubong from Bacolod. Bacolod’s Muscovado has the best quality for its 100 years of traditional process dates back from the year 1907, and one of the best suppliers of muscovado in the market. Order a pack of Muscovado

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