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The island paradise of Boracay is famous for having some of the most amazing beaches in the Philippines, with fine white sand and inviting turquoise waves. Its natural beauty has made it popular with local and foreign tourists alike, all seeking their own slice of tropical paradise.

If you ever book a trip to this sun-soaked destination, here are six things that you absolutely must do for the full Boracay experience.

Looking for a place to stay? Check out the updated list of DOT-Accredited Hotels and Resorts in Boracay now open under the new normal.

Island Hopping

For a small fee, you can hire boatmen in Boracay to take you island hopping. There are many hidden gems near Boracay’s beaches that are worth exploring, such as Balinghay Beach and Crystal Cove Island. You can pack a lunch and spend the whole day relaxing on different shores. You can also try snorkeling to catch a glimpse of Boracay’s diverse marine life! Book a discounted island hopping tour

Island Hopping in Boracay is one of the best things to do in Boracay
Island Hopping in Boracay


The calm waters of Boracay are perfect for parasailing! Adrenaline junkies will enjoy the rush of this beach activity, where you’re strapped into a seat that’s lifted into the air by a parachute! Below, a boat will be pulling forward so you remain flying in the air – the faster the boat goes, the higher you can fly! Book online

Beach Bumming

Feel like taking a break from the splashing and swimming? Just get a big beach blanket, spread it out on the fine white sand, and settle down for a long, lazy afternoon in paradise. Let the relaxing sound of the rolling waves soothe you into a quick nap, or bring a fun beach read to help you while away the hours in the sun. Boracay’s beaches are an incredible attraction in themselves – no shame in bumming around and enjoying them!

Beach Bumming in Boracay

Chasing Sunset

There’s no doubt that Boracay has one of the most stunning sunsets! It’s an activity you shouldn’t miss when you are in the island. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, catching a sunset in the white beach is something that you should look forward to. If paraw sailing is available, you should take that, too!

Paraw Sailing in Boracay

Banana Boating

There’s more than one adrenaline-filled activity in Boracay, and we highly recommend this one: taking an exciting water ride on a banana boat with your friends. Strap on a life vest and hold on tight as your banana boat is pulled through the deep blue sea – at speeds as fast as 30kph! Don’t worry: banana boating is typically supervised by expert safety handlers on the island, so thrill-seekers will be in good hands. Skip the line, book your ticket online.

Banana Boating in Boracay

Helmet Diving

This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to marvel at the sights of Boracay’s ocean floor and get up close to the various marine fauna. Stroll along and admire the different fish, coral reefs, and sandy sea beds! Even non-swimmers can enjoy this aquatic activity, as helmet diving doesn’t need additional equipment or swimming skills. Your safety will be closely monitored by PADI-qualified dive instructors, so feel free to explore Boracay’s depths! Plan ahead, purchase a ticket now!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Boracay holiday and experience these best things to do in the island!

***All photos featured on this post were taken pre-pandemic.

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