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The COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed a lot of things in all of our lives. This applies to every individual, business, and corporation of any aspect of the community. As we all bounce back from the global crisis and adapt to the “New Normal” of our ages, the tourism sector may be the one facing the toughest challenge. However, we are all optimistic that one day, we can once again explore the wonderful creations of man and nature all over the world!

One great example is the famous province of Phuket in Thailand. Phuket is considered the biggest island of Thailand sitting at the Andaman Sea. It is also the most famous tourist destination of Thailand because it hosts several magnificent beaches which are known all around the world such as Patong, Karon, Kamala, Kata Yai, Mhai Kao, and Rawai. Each of these beaches is a tropical paradise featuring the most beautiful sunset in the world!

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Mind you, Phuket is not just about the beaches! It also offers exceptional architectural tourist attractions like the Wat Chalong and The Phuket Big Buddha. A ton of breathtaking adventures also awaits every tourist such as the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, Monkey Hill, Phuket PhantaSea Show, and a lot more! Oh, and lastly, the nightlife at Phuket is truly exceptional and memorable. A lot of things to look forward to, right?

In this article, we’re gonna explore the ten (10) best things to do in Phuket in the New Normal! The island has recently opened to international tourism under the “Phuket Sandbox” scheme.

Aquaria Phuket 

In Aquaria Phuket, a magical underwater journey to the mysterious oceans and rivers of Thailand awaits everyone! Situated at the heart of Phuket Old Town, this famous tourist attraction hosts the largest aquarium in all of Thailand with a capacity of 7 Million Liters of water! About 51,000 aquatic creatures live in the magnificent Phuket Aquarium. 

Aquaria Phuket
Aquaria Phuket | Photo via Klook

Hold on, there’s more! There are four (4) additional latest attractions in Aquaria Phuket namely the Mystic Forest, Coastal Haven, South China Sea, and the Station Aquarius. Tourists can watch lizards, chameleons, and snakes in the Mystic Forest. While the Coastal Haven is a dedicated habitat for lovely penguins! The South China Sea showcases the wonderful world of oceans. Lastly, Station Aquarius gives the tourists a chance to meet some starfish and horseshoe crabs physically! Buy discounted ticket

Phuket Bird Park

Home to one hundred (100) different amazing species of birds originating from Asia, Africa, and South Africa, Phuket Bird Park is a privately-owned theme park covering almost 12 acres of land! Several tourists, especially the kids, love to visit this magnificent park. They host awesome bird shows displaying the talent and intelligence of birds excellently. The most popular birds featured in Phuket Bird Park are the white cockatoos, colorful parrots, peacocks, ostriches, and hornbills. Skip the line, buy your ticket online

Phuket Bird Park
Phuket Bird Park | Photo via Klook

Blue Tree Waterpark

Being the largest waterpark in Phuket, Blue Tree Waterpark is home to countless breathtaking activities suitable for people of all ages! Whether you’re a daredevil or just soft-hearted, there is an activity perfect for you to enjoy!

Blue Tree Waterpark | Photo via Klook

The most famous attraction in Blue Tree Waterpark is the Quadruple Slip n’ Fly Slides. It features a set of ramps about thirty (30) meters long capable of throwing people high in the air and eventually landing for a big splash of water! Some of the activities include Cliff Jumping, Lagoon Activities, Forest & Health Activities, Dojo Health & Sports, Artificial Ice Rink, Food Trucks, Entertainment Shows, I could go on and on! You won’t definitely run out of things to do here at Blue Tree Waterpark. Get your ticket now

Daytour to Phi Phi Islands and Bamboo Beach

Are you familiar with Leonardo De Caprio’s movie “The Beach”? Well, Leo fantastically gave an excellent feature of Phi Phi Island there! I’m telling you, this island is world-class and definitely a must-see. Phi Phi Islands is an archipelago consisting of six (6) islands consisting of crystal clear and pristine turquoise waters with white sand beaches and spectacular rock formations. One of the best things tourists enjoy at Phi Phi Islands is dining with a great view of the sea and sunset while having a gastronomic feast of fresh seafood dishes! 

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Kho Phi Phi
Koh Phi Phi | Photo by Luxure under creative commons

Zipline Adventure at Hanuman World

Did you visit Phuket to test your courage and discover the wonderful creations of nature? Look no further because Hanuman World is the perfect place for you! This expansive rainforest adventure park features treetop walkways and breathtaking zipline adventures!

Zipline Adventure at Hanuman World
Zipline Adventure at Hanuman World | Photo via Klook

Care for a quick trivia? Hanuman is one of the main heroes of the Thai epic, Ramakien. In Thai literature, he is said to be a monkey son of the wind god. And with that inspiration, the Hanuman World was created! Book a ticket

Day Tour to Khai Island

Looking for the perfect day tour tip in Phuket? Well, there’s a particular tour suitable for you! Khai Island features three (3) small, lovely islands namely Khai Nai, Khai Nok, and Khai Nui. All of the islands are surrounded by crystal clear and pristine seawater, white sand beaches, and spectacular rock formations. You can also try swimming and feeding fish here at Khai Island! 

Khai Island
Khai Island | Photo by Yothind under creative commons

You can choose from three (3) different kinds of tours during your visit here to Khai Island, the Halfday Morning Tour, Halfday Afternoon Tour, and Full Day Tour. 

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary of Phuket is one of the most ethical sanctuaries in Thailand. The institution makes sure that each and every elephant in the sanctuary is unharmed and well-taken care of. Here at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, tourists have a chance to appreciate and bond with these gentle giants and discover their lovely behaviors. Enjoy real-life experiences such as feeding and bathing the elephants!

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary | Photo via Klook

The sanctuary also offers a stunning view of the beaches and jungles which they can appreciate at their own pace. Oh, and they also offer lunch buffets! Purchase a ticket online

Surf and SUP at Beyond Surf

Another best way thing to do in Phuket is to learn how to SUP and surf! Oh, what is SUP you ask? SUP means Stand-Up Paddleboarding, it’s one of the most famous watersports activities in Thailand! At Beyond Surf, you are guaranteed to be taught step-by-step effective procedures on surfing and SUP, so you’ll be a confident surfer in just a matter of hours! Buy a ticket

Surf and SUP at Beyond Surf
Surf and SUP at Beyond Surf | Photo via Klook

Experience Thai Massage

Ah, who wouldn’t want to have a nice and relaxing massage, right? Then why not level it up? Thai massage is considered one of the most popular massage procedures in the world! It offers a lot of benefits such as reducing the severity of headaches, decreasing lower back and joint pains, calm anxieties, increase flexibility, and energizes your mind and body! It is even backed up by modern science, so you should definitely try it.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage | Photo by Tara Angkor Hotel under creative commons

Some of the best Thai massage spas in Phuket are Anda, Oasis, Orientala, and Spa Burasali. Choose your massage treatment and book online.

Sunset Dinner with Catamaran Yacht

One of the best things that tourists can do in Phuket is to rent a private Catamaran Yacht and go on a luxurious adventure of island hopping in the spectacular islands of Phuket. Do you know how to make it even special? You can go on and have a sumptuous dinner in the middle of the sea with the mesmerizing view of the sunset in the background. Perfect for romantic couples, right? I won’t be surprised if a lot of gentlemen will propose to their lovely ladies using this idea! 

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So, there you have it! These are some of the best things that tourists can do in Phuket during the new normal. Let us know in the comment below if you are visiting Phuket soon.

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