You are currently viewing 2024 METRO MANILA SKYWAY STAGE 3 TOLL FEE

Planning to use the new Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3? This is the toll fee that you’ll pay if you want to avoid the traffic on the freeway. Some are already complaining about the hefty cost but it’s the price you pay for a more convenient journey.

Toll Exit & Entry

  • Buendia
  • Plaza Azul/Nagtahan
  • E. Rodriguez
  • Quezon Avenue
  • NLEX
  • Balintawak-A.Bonifacio
  • Quezon Avenue
  • Plaza Dilao

NLEX-SCTEX Toll Fee – Class 1

CLASS 1 – Vehicles with 2 axles and up to 7 ft. in height (e.g. cars, jeepneys, vans, auv, suv)


ENTRY/EXITQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueA.Bonifacio-BalintawakNLEX
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan  264264264
E. Rodriguez  129129129
Quezon Avenue – 129129


ENTRY/EXITQuezon Ave.E.RodriguezPlaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Quezon Avenue129264264
Plaza Dilao– 105

NLEX-SCTEX Toll Fee – Class 2

CLASS 2 – Vehicles with 2 axles and more than 7 ft. in height (passenger bus, delivery vans). Vehicles with 3 or more axles and less than 7 ft. in height (delivery vans, small trucks, class 1 vehicle with a trailer)


ENTRY/EXITQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueA.Bonifacio-BalintawakNLEX
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan528528528
E. Rodriguez258258258
Quezon Avenue –– 258258


ENTRY/EXITQuezon Ave.E.RodriguezPlaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Quezon Avenue –258528528
Plaza Dilao –– 210

NLEX-SCTEX Toll Fee – Class 3

CLASS 3 – Vehicles with 3 or more axles and more than 7 ft. in height (container/trailer trucks, cement mixers and other large trucks)


ENTRY/EXITQuirinoPlaza Azul/NagtahanQuezon AvenueA.Bonifacio-BalintawakNLEX
Plaza Azul/Nagtahan792792792
E. Rodriguez387387387
Quezon Avenue –– 387387


ENTRY/EXITQuezon Ave.E.RodriguezPlaza Azul/NagtahanBuendia
Quezon Avenue387792792
Plaza Dilao –315

Speed Limits in Different Toll Expressways in the Philippines

 Minimum Maximum
For Bus and TrucksFor Cars
TarlacPangasinanLa Union Expresway (TPLEx)60 kph100kph
Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx)60 kph100 kph
North Luzon Expressway (NLEx)60 kph80 kph100 kph
Cavite Expressway (CAVITEx)60 kph80 kph100 kph
NAIA Expressway (NAIAx)60 kph
Skyway Stage 1 & 2 (Alabang-Buendia)60 kph80 kph100 kph
South Luzon Expressway (SLEx)60 kph 80 kph100 kph
C5 Southlink Expressway60 kph60 kph60 kph
CaviteLaguna Expressway (CALAX)60 kph80 kph80 kph
Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX)60 kph80 kph100 kph
Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) Tollway now Apolinario Mabini Super Highway60 kph80 kph100 kph
Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3MinimumMaximum
Buendia to Quirino Avenue60 kph80 kph
Quirino Avenue to NLEX60 kph

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