10 Best Cebu Pasalubong You Can Buy Online

Are you missing some of the best pasalubong from Cebu back from your trip? Or you have missed buying some of Cebu’s best delicacies when you went to Cebu? To satisfy your cravings, we gathered some of the best pasalubong from Cebu that you can buy online to taste the best of Cebu at the comfort of your homes.

Cebu Dried Fish (Danggit)

Cebu is popular for its abundance of dried fish, and amongst all Danggit is well-loved by locals and tourists. Danggit or Rabbitfish is a breakfast staple in the Philippines dried under the sun, seasoned with salt, and cut open. Dried Danggit is cooked until crispy and best served with garlic rice and freshly sliced tomatoes. Buy now

Cebu Special Dried Pusit

Another favorite Filipino breakfast that is best bought from Cebu is Special Dried Pusit. It’s sundried whole flattened squid that has a hint of sweetness when fried or grilled. Dried Sweet Pusit is best paired with sunny-side-up eggs, garlic rice, and vegetables. Check rates online

Cebu Dried Squid Tarorot

With the abundance of dried fish at Taboan Public Market in Cebu, they also produce another pasalubong worth trying which is Tarorot or Dried Squid. Dried Squid Tarorot or also known as Pusit Buo is a famous pasalubong coming from Bantayan Island, Cebu. Sun-dried and salted, Tarorot is also a popular Filipino breakfast. Purchase online


Can be bought anywhere in the Philippines, Otap is a popular biscuit snack that originated from Cebu. Otap is an oval-shaped biscuit made from flour, shortening, coconut, and sugar. The flaky, crunchy puff pastry and sprinkled with sugar, Otap is best eaten as a snack paired with any beverages.  Buy now

Carcar Chicharon

Cebu as the “Lechon Capital of the Word” also boasts another delicacy that is popular in Carcar City, the Carcar Chicharon. Chicharon or Pork Crackling is made by boiling pork rinds until it softened, cut into smaller pieces, and then deep-fried twice until it’s perfectly crunchy. Carcar Chicharon can be eaten with rice and vinegar dipping, or best served paired with a cold beer. Get your Carcar Chicharon

Dried Mango

A surely must not miss best pasalubong from Cebu is the bite-sized Dried Mango. Made from ripe yellow mangoes grown in Cebu, then sun-dried, Dried mangoes are the perfect pasalubong that can be eaten as a snack or dessert. And if you have a sweet tooth, try Dried Mango coated with chocolate. Buy now


Masareal originated from Mandaue City, Cebu, and best bought at Didang’s serving Masareal since 1914, is another famous Cebuano delicacy. Masareal is a sweet and nutty delicacy made from boiled peanuts, perfectly ground until it’s fine, then mixed with coconut syrup, and water. Buy Didang’s Masareal


Originated from Bohol and Cebu, Caycay directly translates in the Cebuano language as “to dig up”. Best bought at Titay’s Liloan, Cebu, Caycay is a crunchy layered cookie made from coated syrup or honey, and coated with ground toasted peanuts or sesame seeds. Buy online


Ampao or Ampaw is a popular Cebuano snack made from cooked white rice, dried out under the sun, deep-fried, and coated with sweetened syrup made from corn, kalamansi, or vinegar. Ampao is a puffed rice, crunchy, and sticky snack that is famous in Liloan City in Cebu. Buy now


Rosquillos was first created in Liloan, Cebu by Margarita “Titay’ T. Frasco in the year 1907 and later named by Philippine President Sergio Osmeña as Rosquillos which means “ringlet” in Spanish. The scrumptious buttery flat flower-shaped cookie is made from flour, eggs, sugar, shortening, and baking powder. Get Titay’s Rosquillos now

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