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Who wouldn’t miss Davao? Trust me, once you’ve been there, you would always want to come back. From its rich culture and wonderful attractions such as Mt. Apo, Crocodile Park, Philippine Eagle Center, and Jack’s Ridge to lots of pristine and wonderful islands and beaches including Kopiat Island, Dahican Beach, and Isla Reta, you’ll never run out of reasons to love this dazzling region! 

Indeed, it’s such a shame that it became hard for us to visit Davao because of the ongoing pandemic. I really would love to see and feel the spectacular sceneries and fresh air of Davao as soon as possible. So, when I learned that I can still have a taste of the delightful treats of Davao at the comfort of my own home, I was beyond joyful! 

Yes, you read that right. You can now buy some of Davao’s best pasalubong online! Lucky for you, we’re going to dive deeper into that in this article. So make sure that your wallets are ready because you’re literally in for a treat! 

Alright, here it goes! Here are 10 best pasalubong from Davao you can buy online:

Davao Mt. Apo Coffee

One of the best-tasting coffee in the Philippines can be found at the foot of the country’s tallest mountain and volcano, Mount Apo. The most prominent variety of coffee that can be found in this mountain is called the Arabica Coffee, which is also known as the “mountain coffee”. 

Arabica stands out from the rest of the varieties because it contains 60% more lipids and 100% more sugar. Interesting, right? This elevates the taste of the coffee to a whole new level. Moreover, the aroma and body are also a lot different, making it popular with coffee lovers. 

Davao Tablea

Here’s an interesting fact, Davao is the Philippines’ leading producer and exporter of Cacao products. Yes, where chocolate, as we know it, is made of! Cacao grows best on elevated areas of at least 1,000 meters above sea level. Moreover, it thrives best in areas with evenly distributed rainfalls throughout the year. 

Tablea is a ball of ground-up Cacao beans. It is normally heated and incorporated with water to produce one of the best-tasting hot chocolate drinks in the world. Filipinos also like to cook what is called the champorado for breakfast. It is tablea mixed with rice and sugar and very popular among kids! 

So, where else can you buy the best tablea in the country? That’s right, no other than the province of Davao! Luckily, you can now order Davao tablea from several online shops. You can buy HERE.

Davao Cacao Nibs

It’s no surprise that Davao’s best delights are Cacao products, right? Yup! Another delightful treat you can now order online is the Davao Cacao Nibs. These are generally incorporated into oatmeal, trail mixes, and granola. Here in the Philippines, we just eat it right off the bag! It’s undeniably tasty and perfect for snacks! Order online.

Cocoa Butter

Yup! Butter can also be made from cocoa beans! Cocoa Butter is an edible fat that can be used to make chocolate products as well as skincare and pharmaceutical products! Talk about Cacao’s versatility, huh? Some Cocoa Butter skin products are skin creams and ointments. 

Hao Cacao’Cocoa Butter | Photo credit to Hao Cacao’s FB page

Decadent desserts like chocolate bars, choco fudge cakes, and chocolate chip ice cream are just some of the products that use Cocoa Butter! If you want to order Davao’s best Cocoa Butter online, feel free to check out Cacao Culture, Cacao de Davao and Hao Cacao’s accounts on Shopee!

Durian Candy

Aside from being hailed as the Philippines’ Cacao Capital, did you know that Davao is also known as the country’s “Fruit Basket”? That’s right! Wide varieties of fruits can be found and tasted here in Davao. One of those best-tasting fruits is the Durian. Durian is famous for its foul smell yet addictive and tasty flavor. It has a sweet and “custardy” taste with some saying that it has a texture of a creamy cheesecake. 

Different varieties of durian candies | Photo courtesy of Lola Abon’s Durian Candy Factory FB Page

Well, great news! You can now have a taste of the “King of the Fruits” because several online shops are selling Davao’s best Durian Candy! Buy here online.

Durian Jam

Another great way of enjoying the unique taste of durian is by trying Davao’s Durian Jam! That’s right, it is also a nice way to have Durian during the off-season months. Spread it heartily over your favorite bread and pastries or just have a small spoonful right off the jar! 

Rosario’s Delicacies, MINCO, and Lola Abon’s are all selling the delightful Durian jam online so check them out! Buy here

Durian Tart

Indeed one of the best ways to enjoy the Durian fruit is by making a tart out of it! The short-crust pastry incorporated with the tasty and creamy texture of durian and egg-custard filling really does create a unique burst of flavors in your mouth! I’d say that you should have a taste of Durian Tart at least once in your life. Buy online

Malagos Chocolate

One of the award-winning and best-tasting delightful treats of Davao is the Malagos Chocolate. They champion “tree to bar” chocolate products and promise the highest quality and taste you could ever ask for. Buy Malagos chocolate online.

Dumang Chili (Powder/Flakes)

Yet another delightful and this time, a spicy treat from Davao is the Dumang Chili! It comes in the form of powder or flakes, which are perfect to pair with any type of food you can imagine. From rice, breakfast meals, Silog meals, siomai, and even Samgyupsal, you will surely have another cup of extra rice! 

Dumang Chili is certainly spicy but with a unique taste that adds to your appetite every time you eat. Well, lucky for you because you now order from it online!

Mangosteen Candy

Well, who wouldn’t miss the taste of Mangosteen, especially the ones in Davao, right? This superior superfruit satisfies a delightful taste, has rich nutrients, antioxidants, and health benefits all over! Well, the same can be said for Mangosteen Candy given that it’s naturally made. Mangosteen candy is said to taste like a cross-breed from several fruits, it has a fruity and tropical flavor. Buy here online.

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