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Boracay is one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations because of its white sand and pristine waters. Before pandemic, the life in Boracay never sleeps as there are so many activities to do. Today, it has slowly regained its vibrant nightlife and is gradually returning to the fun and festive activities in the area.

This month, the island of Boracay started welcoming more visitors by allowing fully vaccinated travelers to enter the island without RT-PCR testing. Many domestic tourists flock to the island to experience the island vibe away from all the stresses brought by the pandemic.

Are you heading to Boracay? Here are some of the best Boracay activities that will make your stay on the island worth it.

Boracay Parasailing

If you have tried the banana boat ride, then the Boracay Parasailing is a much more upgraded version of it. This time, you are attached to a boat while sailing in the sky! A parachute is attached to you to keep you afloat and stable in the air while the boat navigates along the beach. The strong winds can be scary and you might feel like you will be blown away. But the aerial view of the beach and the island is a fantastic experience. BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Boracay Parasailing is one of the best activities to do in Boracay

Helmet Diving

After flying over the beach, now it’s time to head down underwater for the Helmet Diving. For this activity, you don’t need to know how to dive or control your breath. Don’t worry too because qualified dive instructors will brief you and assist you all throughout. The only thing you need to do is wear an oxygen pumped helmet and be surprised on how easily you can walk on the ocean floor. The experience allows you to walk underwater and view marine life up close.BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Helmet Diving is one of the must-do activities in Boracay

Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailing is not just your regular boat ride. What makes Paraw Sailing a must-try is the romantic and nostalgic experience it gives. The best time to try is during sunset. You can ride the paraw and watch the sun meeting the sea up close together with your special someone, your friends, or your family.BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Paraw Sailing is one of the most popular activities in Boracay

UFO and Hurricane Ride

Flying, diving, and riding, the activities in Boracay do not stop there. If you want to spin around or ride above waves, then the UFO and Hurricane Ride is another water sport to try in Boracay. You can choose which ride to take depending the shape of the inflatable boat you choose to ride. Then, a speed boat pulls the inflatable bloat while you spin, get tossed in the water, and sway from side to side.BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Jet Ski Ride

The Jet Ski Ride is a classic. Almost all tourists who go to Boracay have tried the Jet Ski Ride at least once. It’s similar to driving a motorcycle, but for the Jet Ski Ride you don’t have to worry about traffic and the adrenaline rush is hyped because it is on water. You can go as fast as you can and feel the wind and water splash all around you.BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Island Hopping

A Boracay vacation is not complete without Island Hopping! The tour guide allows you to navigate the vast Boracay beach as you visit various places like Magic Island, Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Crocodile Island. You can even go swimming, diving, and snorkeling to fully enjoy the beauty of Boracay.BOOK THIS ACTIVITY

Helicopter Tour

If you think that Boracay is just one beach, then you are wrong. The best way to know how many islands and beaches there are in Boracay is through the Helicopter Tour. Yes, you will ride a helicopter and fly above Boracay for that ultimate flying experience. The Helicopter Tour allows you to get a bird’s eye view of Boracay and nearby islands.BOOK THIS TOUR

Banana Boat Ride

There’s more than one adrenaline-filled activity in Boracay, and we highly recommend this one: taking an exciting water ride on a banana boat with your friends. Strap on a life vest and hold on tight as your banana boat is pulled through the deep blue sea – at speeds as fast as 30kph! Don’t worry: banana boating is typically supervised by expert safety handlers on the island, so thrill-seekers will be in good hands. Skip the line, book your ticket online.

Beach Bumming

Feel like taking a break from the splashing and swimming? Just get a big beach blanket, spread it out on the fine white sand, and settle down for a long, lazy afternoon in paradise. Let the relaxing sound of the rolling waves soothe you into a quick nap, or bring a fun beach read to help you while away the hours in the sun. Boracay’s beaches are an incredible attraction in themselves – no shame in bumming around and enjoying them!

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