Ocean Escapade at Manila Ocean Park
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The pandemic has made a lot of us cooped up in our homes for more than a year. Most of us miss our families, miss hanging out with friends, long to travel, or just to do something we used to do before things changed last year. Among those greatly affected by the pandemic were parks and tourist attractions. Recently, some attractions started opening for people to have fun and as a way of diversion from staying at home too long. What’s great is that children are now allowed to go out to enjoy the outside world.

If you are planning to stay local for now, you may want to visit the Manila Ocean Park. The park now allows minors and seniors up to age 65 to visit. Yes, this is your sign to go if you have been wanting to go out and spend a short family vacation.

One of the promoted tours right now is the Ocean Escapade. The package includes access to the Oceanarium, Super Toy Collection, World of Creepy Crawlies, Trails to Antarctica-Penguin Exhibit, Trails to Antarctica-Christmas Village, and Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies. If these attractions interest you, keep on reading to better plan on how you will navigate the tour with your family.


From the name of the park itself, the Manila Ocean Park boasts its oceanarium which makes you feel like you are walking underwater. It is designed like an underwater tunnel and you can enjoy the sight of 14,000 marine creatures while walking with your family.

Super Toy Collection

No, the Super Toy Collection is not like the Toy Kingdom. For now, the attraction offers a collection of superheroes, a real-life Superman with whom children can interact with, a Comics Store, a large jeepney suspended from the ceiling, and many more amusing amenities your children will enjoy.

Super Toy Collection at Manila Ocean Park | Photo viaManila Ocean Park FB Page

World of Creepy Crawlies

Manila Ocean Park does not only showcase marine life but includes land animals as well. Its goal is to impart to young children, and parents as well, the role and importance of insects, worms, spiders, bugs, and frogs. There are various species of lizards, colored frogs, snakes, crabs, and many more animals which we think are gross or creepy but are not.

World of Creepy Crawlies | Photo via Manila Ocean Park FB Page

Trails to Antarctica – Penguin Exhibit

You no longer need to go to Antarctica to see live penguins. Manila Ocean Park, on their website, boasts of 13 penguins who were successfully hatched inside the park. The Trails to Antarctica-Penguin Exhibit features Humboldt penguins and educates families also about where the penguins live.

Trails to Antarctica – Christmas Village

We missed a lot of activities during last year’s Christmas. But you can make it up to your family by trying the Christmas Village in Manila Ocean Park. The place is cold because it really tries to make you feel like it’s Christmas with all the snow, Christmas trees, and snowman.

Jelly Dancing Sea Fairies

Jellyfishes are fun to watch especially with how flowy and transparent they move, but just be careful not to touch them. The Jelly Dancing Sea Fairies feature a light show with various colored jellyfishes moving smoothly together. Their performance can be breathtaking to watch and most visitors make use of the room to take romantic shots.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket now to see these attractions at the Manila Ocean Park. Avoid the hassle of lining up to buy your admission ticket. Get a discounted Manila Ocean Park Attraction Pass now!

Manila Ocean Park Opening Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Thursdays to Sundays

Entry Requirements under the new normal

  • Kids aged 0 to 17 years old are now welcome to visit Manila Ocean Park. However, they must be accompanied by a FULLY vaccinated parent/guardian upon visit. Children 2ft and below are FREE of charge.
  • Guests aged 18 years old and above must be FULLY vaccinated (please bring your vaccine card and a valid ID for checking).

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