2022 Banaue Tourist Requirements + DOT-Accredited Accommodation

Banaue is now open for domestic tourists! As it is just a soft opening, only 100 tourists are allowed per day so you must plan your vacation ahead of time. Whether you want to stay in Banaue for a couple of days or just do a day tour, you will be required to pre-register. You need entry approval to visit Banaue.

The tourism activities in Batad remain closed but they will be reopened soon.

Important Announcement

Leisure travel to Banaue is suspended as of 11 January 2022 until further notice.

Travel Requirements to Banaue

  1. Only fully vaccinated adults and minors are currently allowed to visit Banaue. Children below 12 years old are NOT yet allowed to enter the town.
  2. Only tourists with advance booking/travel and accommodation arrangements are allowed to enter Banaue. No walk-in tourists will be entertained. Please see below DOT-accredited accommodtion establishments in Banaue.
  3. Maximum cap of 100 tourists per day. May be increased depending on circumstances.

Travel Guidelines and Protocols

Stay-in Tourists

  1. Register online: Stay-in tourist registration
  2. When arriving in Banaue, proceed to the Triage Area located at the Municipal Tourism Information Center.
    • Present vaccination card or VaxCert, printed copy of screenshot of your approved online registration, and travel booking confirmation of your accommodation in Banaue.
  3. Undergo triage for health screening. Symptomatic visitors, regardless of vaccination status will be immediately isolated, tested at the visitor’s expense, and referred to local health authorities for further assessment.
  4. Pay the Php50 environmental fee at the Triage Area.

Day tour visitors

  1. Register online: Day tourists registration
  2. You must be fully vaccinated to enter Banaue.
  3. Go to the Triage Area, present your vaccination card or VaxCert and undergo health screening.
  4. Pay the Php50 environmental fee at the Triage Area.

DOT-Accredited Accommodation Establishments in Banaue

  1. Baleh Boble Guesthouse | Check rates and reviews
  2. Banaue Heritage Hotel and Museum
  3. Banaue Ethnic Village & Pine Forest Resort | Check rates and reviews
  4. Banaue Homestay
  5. Banaue Youth Hotel and Youth Hostel
  6. Halfway Lodge and Restaurant | Check rates and reviews
  7. Ilob Village Inn
  8. Pink Banaue Hostel | Check rates and reviews
  9. Savta Kibbutz Homestay | Check rates and reviews
  10. Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant
  11. Uyami’s Green View Lodge | Check rates and reviews
DOT-Accredited Accommodation Establishments in Banaue

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