CCLEX Toll Rates (Fees)

The Local Toll Regulatory Council (LTRC) has just authorized the implementation of the toll rates approved by the LGU-Grantors based on the Concession Agreement for the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX).

The new bridge is 8.5 kilometers long linking mainland Cebu to Mactan Island through the municipality of Cordova.

The approved CCLEX toll fees are:

  • P90 for Class I vehicles such as cars, jeepneys, pick-ups, vans, and motorcycles.
    • Discounts for motorcycles will be determined soon. We will update this post as soon as we get the discounted rate.
  • P180 for Class I vehicles above 7ft in height (except when the top load is recreational equipment such as bikes, surfboards, and the like which must be securely fastened and not intended for commercial use).
  • P180 for Class II vehicles such as light trucks, tourist/school, and public utility buses.
  • P270 for Class III vehicles such as heavy and multi-axle trucks and trailers.

The CCLEX lane for bicycle riders and pedestrians is free to use.

Photo credit to CCLEX

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