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Known for being home to famous artists and composers such as Mozart, Haydn, and Klimt, Vienna was once the great commercial and artistic hub of the Habsburg Empire. If you’re visiting Vienna, there are many charming locations that you can go to for sightseeing and learning.

But which ones are musts if you only have a limited amount of time to explore this cosmopolitan city? Read on to find out more about our top 10 tourist spots to visit in Vienna!

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Schönbrunn Palace

A magnificent 18th-century palace known for being the home of Empress Maria Theresa, this baroque structure is famous for its vast gardens and richly furnished imperial apartments. It’s also one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vienna, so come early to have time to explore the maze gardens and admire the artwork. You can get your ticket online and skip the line to enter the palace with a guided tour.

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the Must-Visit Tourist Spots In Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Palace

Opening hours:

Daily at 09:30 – 17:00
Last entry: 16:15 h

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Originally built in the 12th century and reconstructed numerous times over the centuries, St. Stephen’s Cathedral is home to the Pummerin Bell. Climb up the stairs of the North Tower to admire it and get an unmatched view of Vienna! Go to the Cathedral Treasury to see its most important religious artifacts, or take a spooky glimpse into history by visiting the 14th-century catacombs. Get your entrance ticket online

St. Stephen's Cathedral - a must-visit tourist spot in Vienna
St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The Hofburg

This opulent palace complex was the official seat of the Habsburgs for over six centuries. Known as the official residence of Austria’s rulers, it has numerous buildings in different architectural styles. If you stop by here, make sure you visit the Sisi Museum dedicated to the famous beauty, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. You should also check out the Imperial Chapel and Hofburg Treasury to spot precious relics and imperial regalia.

The Hofburg is a popular tourist attraction in Vienna
The Hofburg

Belvedere Palace

This incredible palace is made up of two buildings: the Upper and Lower Belvedere. Stop by the Marble Hall to view numerous paintings, statues, and frescoes. There’s also the Marble Gallery, the Orangery, and its stunning gardens – so make sure you can take at least a whole day to admire its sprawling structure!

Belvedere Palace is one of the Must-Visit Tourist Spots In Vienna, Austria
Belvedere Palace

Entering th palace grounds is free. You only need to pay when you go inside. You can purchase your ticket online for a hassle-free visit to Belvedere.

Vienna State Opera

This opera house is one of the world’s largest and most magnificent theatres, hosting some of the finest composers, dancers, and operatic singers. Built in 1865, it still retains much of its original splendor, including a grand staircase that goes up to the first floor of the opera house.

The Fountain at Vienna State Opera
The Fountain at Vienna State Opera


This market is a must for shopping and going on a foodie trip! Come with an empty stomach so you can graze on delicacies like stuffed dolma leaves, baklava, and apple strudel at the stalls. There are also sit-down cafes where you can enjoy Viennese coffee. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs like clothes, throw rugs, and antiques!

Naschmarkt Wien| Photo via


Also known as St. Charles Church, this was built in 1737 and famously has twin Triumphal Pillars that were based on Trajan’s Column. Take snaps of the frescoes of St. Cecile, check out the monthly programs to see which concerts will be held, and gaze in awe at the organ held within.

Karlskirche is a popular tourist attraction in Vienna, Austria

The Sigmund Freud Museum

Since 1971, the Sigmund Freud Museum has been welcoming visitors in Sigmund Freud’s former office and apartment. In 2020, after a year of construction, the Sigmund Freud Museum has reopened with an expanded and barrier-free areas. All private rooms of the Freud family is now accessible including his “first” practice located on the upper ground floor.

The Sigmund Freud Museum is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Vienna, Austria
The Sigmund Freud Museum | Photo via Wikemedia Commons by Bwag

Opening Hours

We, 11:00 – 18:00
Th, 11:00 – 18:00
Fr, 11:00 – 18:00
Sa, 10:00 – 18:00
Su, 10:00 – 18:00

Ticket Price: 14€ – Discounted when you purchase a Vienna City Card

Wiener Riesenrad

Enjoy breathtaking views of Vienna by taking a ride on a Giant Ferris Wheel – Wiener Riesenrad. A circular trip on one of the most significant and fascinating structures in the world, and the unique view of the city of Vienna, make the Giant Ferris Wheel an absolute cultural and architectural must-experience for every visitor to Austria’s capital.

Wiener Riesenrad | Photo via

Opening hours: Daily 09:00 – 23:45
Ticket Price: 13.5€ for Adults and 6.5€ for children

The Jewish Museum

Opened in 1895, The Jewish Museum is considered to be the first museum dedicated to Jewish culture, religious practices, and history. It was closed for several years during the time of the Nazis and has since reopened after renovation in 2011.

The Jewish Museum in Vienna, Autria
The Jewish Museum | Photo via Wikemedia Commons by Bwag

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