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Iloilo is famous for its beautiful beaches, historic churches, and natural wonders. One of the latter is the Islas de Gigantes, a.k.a. the Islands of Giants. A popular tourist destination, it takes over four hours to reach from Iloilo City. However, patient travelers will instantly be rewarded with glorious seascapes and pristine sugar-white sand. There’s also plenty of fresh seafood to tickle the weary palate and sublime rock formations that give this area a fantasy-world vibe.

Islas de Gigantes day tour

Though more tourists have come to these charming islands over the years, Islas de Gigantes has been able to preserve much of its natural beauty and serene atmosphere. Here’s what you can expect from a day tour to this amazing destination!

Cabugao Gamay

Cabugao Gamay looks like two islands from afar, but in reality it’s just one island with a sandbar in the middle of it. This is one of the three minor southern isles in the Islas de Gigantes and is known for having crystal clear water that’s perfect for swimming.

Cabugao Gamay - one of the stops of Islas de Gigantes Day Tour
Cabugao Gamay

Bringing your underwater camera is highly recommended for showing a glimpse of the local marine life. Wear sturdy footwear and climb up the view deck for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the island! It’s one of the most photographed islands in the province so make sure to go to the view deck and get yourself a photo. Your guide will help you take a snap so don’t worry even if you travel solo.

Bantigue Sandbar

Found just south of Cabugao Gamay, this long, thin sandbar is a 5-minute stroll along fine, powdery sand. Before Typhoon Yolanda, locals said it was sugar-white. Post-typhoon, the sand here has taken on a golden hue. The right side’s sand is soft enough for lazing around in the sun, while the left side is a better side for swimming.

Unfortunately, it was high tide when we went there so we decided to just move to our next destination.

Bantigue Sandbar during my first visit on the island in 2013

Tangke Lagoon

Carles, Iloilo, has two saltwater lagoons, and this one in the Islas de Gigantes is the more popular one. To get here, you’ll have to bravely climb some limestone karsts – fortunately, some of these have already been cemented over to make the journey safer.

Tangke Lagoon

Once there, you’ll be rewarded with an ethereal sight of emerald green or bright blue water, depending on the tide. Green dominates the waves during low tide, but the water becomes progressively bluer as the tide grows higher. We strongly recommend that you go there during high tide for better swimming and warmer water, especially if you want to try cliff diving!

Tangke Lagoon with Vince and Paul

Antonia Island

Antonia Island is one of the stops of the island hopping adventure where you can go swimming and even kayaking. There’s a crystal kayak available on the island where you can rest for Php250 for 15 minutes. If you are a group of 5, you can get it for Php200.

Antonia Island

You can also pitch a tent at Antonia Beach fo you decide to go on an overnight trip.


This small isle was a traditional resting area for fisherfolk. It’s pretty small but it’s an amazing place to have that IG-worthy shot.


Go to one end of the island to see the incredible sea stacks and get a panoramic view of the surrounding islands!


The main island is where you will typically have lunch for day tours. Prepare your tummy for a smorgasbord of fresh seafood like squid, crab, and scallops gathered from around Islas de Gigantes!

How to Get to Islas de Gigantes

The most convenient way to go to Islas de Gigantes from Iloilo City is by booking a group or joiner tour. A&J Tour Services is one of the travel agencies in Iloilo City where you can book your day tour to Islas de Gigantes. The joiner tour costs Php999 per person which includes boat transfers from/to Bancal Port in Carles, island hopping adventure, and lunch.

They can also arrange a van transport from your hotel in Iloilo City to Bancal Port. The cost is Php350 one way. Pick-up at your hotel is usually between 4:00 am to 4:30 am. For bookings and reservations, please contact A&J Tour Services at:

A&J Tour Services
Contact Number: 0936 907 6693
Facebook Page: Travel Iloilo


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