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After a two-year hiatus, Universal Studios Singapore is bringing back its much-awaited Halloween Horror Nights. When the sun sets and night falls to hide spooky surprises, Universal Studios welcomes visitors with twisted treats like haunted houses and scare zones. Now in its tenth edition, this evening spectacle promises to be better than ever! Skip the long queues, and book your ticket in advance with Klook!

Running until November 5, the Halloween Horror Nights are not for the faint of heart. Known for its previous blood-curdling spectacles such as the Twisted Clown University and the Curse of the Naga, this year promises to be even more horror-filled, with attractions such as the Killustrator: The Final Chapter and Operation: Dead Force. The former traces the journey of the Killustrator from his derelict origins, to the nightmarish comic book pages plastered on the walls, to his final chapter heralding a new era of horror. All throughout, the Killustrator is always watching and putting chills in visitors’ spines.

Operation: Dead Force is a bloodcurdling trip through a secret underground base, where you’re recruited into the Special Forces Against The Dead. Your terror threshold will be tested as you run into monstrous experiments that have gone horribly wrong. Zombies escape and attempt to attack at every turn, making it feel like a survival horror game. No spoilers for the finishing touch, but your daring escape from this area has a horrific twist!

Completing the three Haunted Houses is the Hospitality of Horror where you will check in to a once glorious mansion built and designed for Southeast Asia’s then richest tycoon and his lovely wife. It was abandoned for decades but it has recently been restored to its former glory. Checking in? Beware of its dark secret – the restless spirit of its former bloodthirsty mistress will make sure that you don’t check out.

One especially thrilling part of this attraction is the Escape the Breakout laser tag experience where you evade and fight sinister villains. You’ll be able to temporarily stun the escaped prisoners with your laser guns, but you better move fast throughout this 15-minute attraction or you’ll be caught by a dangerous escapee! Solve the puzzles with your friends to make a quick getaway – there’s only one escape!

The scare zones are other must-sees, such as the Dark Zodiac where terrifying astrological manifestations are summoned to roam wild. At any point in this zone, you can expect to run into at least six horrific zodiac characters. Keep an eye out at specific times to witness a unique and scary ritual for the resurrection of the 13th Zodiac, the Horrorcle.

The eerie Hunt For Pontianak is another scare zone worth the peek – if you dare! It feels a little too real thanks to the scary premise of foolhardy influencers who attempt to track down the Pontianak. The hunters quickly become the hunted, and you’ll see doomed victims of mystical forces throughout the zone.

If want to level up your experience, check out Monsters and Manifestations where you go backstage for new scares! It’s a roughly 30-minute experience featuring performances by the dead in The Monstrous Graveyard, to ghostly encounters in the Malevolent Hallway, and many more!

Cap off your thrilling night by Die-Ning With The Dead at KT’s Grille, a spellbinding experience where you enjoy a horror-filled meal during a mystical séance.

These experiences are genuinely spooky, so if you’re traveling with horror haters or young children under 13, it might be best to stick to the daytime Halloween experiences at Universal Studios Singapore. But for those who love a good scare, this returning attraction is the ultimate treat that’ll have you shivering for days! There’s a reason why it’s labeled as Southeast Asia’s biggest Halloween event!

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore

Hours of Operation: 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
Find your tickets here at Klook!

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