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A new hangout place has just opened in Davao City! Rogen Lounge promises a relaxing ambiance where you can spend quality time with your friends or family members over hot or cold drinks.

“It’s a chill out place to hang out and chat after dinner,” said Boboy Bangayan on the concept of the Rogen Lounge at the food strip of the Rogen Inn compound.

Boboy Bangayan with wife Gene Bangayan
Boboy Bangayan with wife Gene Bangayan

As a businessman who loves entertaining over dinner, Bangayan finds it difficult to look for a place in the city for a night recap. “The choices are a coffee shop that doesn’t serve drinks or a bar that may be too noisy and crowded for comfort.” Thus, Rogen Lounge was conceived.

Invited guests at the launching of Rogen Lounge with Gene Bangayan

Rogen Lounge is designed to accommodate 30 people comfortably and the music is easy listening tunes, top hits from the 60’s up to the present that’s programmed to play on shuffle. The drinks menu lists a range of beverages that can suit the guest’s vibe of the moment.

“It’s a tea to cocktails place,” said Bangayan, adding, “We have a wide range of TWG teas from Singapore, coffee, local and imported beers, red and white wines, and a wide range of liquor – vodka, gin, tequila, whiskeys including single malt like Yamazaki – that can be served by the shot or bottle.”

Bangayan explains that Rogen Inn and Rogen Lounge was designed minus a couple of amenities expected of a hotel, the kitchen is one. But dining will not be an issue for checked-in guests because the compound houses the best of Davao’s homegrown restaurants like Marina Tuna, Habi at Kape, Boiling Crabs & Shrimps, Vines, and more.

Rogen Lounge will also allow cross-ordering of food from other restaurants in the compound. There is a curated menu for the lounge where customers can enjoy their choice of bar chow to go with the drinks the lounge offers.

While Rogen Lounge was thought of as an after-dinner hangout spot, it’s a great place to chill at daytime and towards the evening. It’s open from Mondays to Saturdays from 2:00 p.m to 11:00 pm allowing guests to have a quiet space to have tea, coffee, snacks, light meals, a beer, or a cocktail.

Rogen Lounge was originally intended for guests of Rogen inn to relax and unwind. It’s an extension of the inn’s lobby, like what guests would expect of a hotel lobby lounge, “But we built a separate private room for guests to enjoy. This way, it keeps the lobby uncrowded and peaceful at any time of day, plus the place is open to non-hotel guests,” he said.

He shares that Rogen Lounge can host private events. For a set number of hours and minimum consumable of Php20,000 for daytime and P25,000 for nighttime, exclusive of cross-ordered food, the place is yours for a chill out party.

Rogen Lounge is at the Rogen Inn compound at Mt. Apo cor. Lopez Jaena Streets, Davao City.

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