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No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to Resorts World Sentosa, the premier lifestyle destination where you can wine, dine, and enjoy unforgettable activities. With the sheer number of attractions, it can be daunting to try to cram in the RW Sentosa experience in one day.

If you’re trying to plan your vacation wisely, check out our top five picks for what to do there. We’ve picked the best things to do at Resorts World Sentosa that should be on your bucket list.

Experience the Halloween Horror Nights

Back after a two-year hiatus, Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights is not for the faint of heart. Trace the terrifying origins of a killer in Killustrator: The Final Chapter, or fight off villains at the Heinous Harbor laser tag experience. A highly recommended must-see for horror fans is the Dark Zodiac zone where astrological horrors come to life and await the return of the 13th Zodiac in a bloodcurdling ritual!

Halloween Horror Nights
Hours of Operation: 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
Book your ticket online

Get An Adrenaline Rush At Adventure Cove Waterpark

If zipping down water slides and getting a thrill in the water is your kind of adventure, then Singapore’s Adventure Cove Waterpark is right up your alley! This family-friendly water attraction is home to Southeast Asia’s first hydromagnetic coaster, making it a top visitor site for an aquatic adrenaline rush.

Adventure River at Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure River at Adventure Cove Waterpark

The Pipeline Plunge is a thrilling ride down many twists and surprising turns in an enclosed tunnel, before ending in a wild splash in a swirling pool. If you’re not a fan of dark, overly enclosed spaces, the crowd-pleasing Tidal Twister’s open environment is an invigorating, swirling trip down an exciting path.

Pipeline Plunge at Adventure Cove Waterpark
Pipeline Plunge at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Apart from sliding down water slides, you and your group can snorkel with over 20,000 different kinds of fish in the Rainbow Reef. This immersive experience helps you learn more about the marine environment that these various species thrive within.

If you’re feeling competitive, ask one of your buddies to join you in the Dueling Racer, where you can both slide down on racer mats through various thrilling dips and watery bumps that make the mats pick up speed. Climb up nets, get splashed by buckets, and check out the fountain and shallow wading area at Seahorse Hideaway. This waterpark splashing will be the perfect warm-up for a whirl on the hydromagnetic coaster known as the Riptide Rocket – the fastest ride at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Dueling Racer at Adventure Cove Waterpark
Dueling Racer at Adventure Cove Waterpark

In the mood for a more chill activity instead? Drift serenely down Adventure River and marvel at 14 jaw-dropping scenes like a lush jungle, an underwater tunnel with different marine species swimming around you, and a magical grotto that will take your breath away.

Adventure River

You can also level up your experience by paying a visit to the Dolphin Island. You can do Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Discovery, or Dolphin Adventure depending on your level of interest. I did the Dolphin Encounter and it was an amazing experience interacting with an incredibly smart dolphin.

Dolphin Island
Dolphin Island

Adventure Cove Waterpark is one of Singapore’s most popular attractions, so expect long queues at the ticket counter. Book your ticket online with Klook and avoid the long line!

Once you try all the different rides, you’ll agree that it’s well worth the trip!

Explore The Wonders Of The S.E.A. Aquarium

Underwater attractions are an incredible way to explore the mysteries of the sea in a safe, controlled environment. They’re a fun way to learn more about a place’s marine flora and fauna, and few such underwater experiences quite match the incredible scale and biodiversity found in Singapore’s SEA Aquarium.

Located at popular tourist spot Resorts World Sentosa, the 8-hectare SEA Aquarium is famous for having over 100,000 marine animals from over 1,000 species within its walls. With 40 diverse habitats, you can enjoy up-close glimpses of creatures such as fried egg sea jellies, black sea cucumbers, endangered hammerhead sharks, and dolphins. One must-see exhibit is “Shipwrecked”, where visitors learn how sunken ships become artificial reefs that become homes for different fishes.

The Discovery Pool offers an incredible opportunity to discover how our seas, rainforests, and marine animals all interact with each other in interconnected environments. Don’t forget to grab a corn dog or a muffin from Ocean Bites to enjoy while strolling around – no point in traipsing on an empty stomach!

Wondering how aquarists take care of marine animals at SEA Aquarium? Join the Behind the Panel guided tour where you can have a first-hand look at what they do and learn many fascinating facts about the various marine animals, and what you can do to protect the ocean. You’ll also get to see the dolphins up close during this tour.

Feel free to take photos of the colorful and astounding marine creatures within the aquarium. As a final stop, the SEAA Treasures gift shop has plenty of souvenirs like toys and accessories for sale. Both entertaining and educational, the SEA Aquarium is not to be missed during a Singapore vacation!

This is another popular attraction, so expect long lines at the ticket counter. But, again, you can book this ticket online for a hassle-free visit.

Visit A Minion’s Perspective Exhibit

Even if you’re not a fan of the Minions film franchise, you’ll enjoy the zany humor of this touring exhibition. Explore the eight thematic zones to immerse yourself in the world of the silly, delightful Minions. Zones 1 and 2 feature clip highlights, sketches, and character designs that offer great insights into the creation of the films and their stories. Experiment in Zones 3 and 4 in areas designed to look like Gru’s lab, or go nuts for the cuteness at Zone’s 5’s “It’s So Fluffy” theme.

Food Trip At the Malaysian Food Street

Singapore is famous for its delicious, affordable hawker fare, and at RW Sentosa’s Malaysian Food Street, you can tuck into all these favorites in an air-conditioned food court area. Slurp down a savory bowl of thick, traditional prawn mee, or dig into a steaming bowl of claypot chicken rice – TripAdvisor users highly recommend getting the one with salted fish. The old-town ambiance will really make it feel like you’re along the famous hawker streets as you tuck into your noodles and satays!

Claypot Chicken Rice at the Malaysian Food Street in RWS
Claypot Chicken Rice at the Malaysian Food Street in RWS

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