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Are you going to travel to Bali for the first time? These 10 tips will help you plan your trip to the Island of the Gods, optimize in the best way the time you have to spend there, and not forget anything so that you only take care of enjoying.

Let’s start!

  1. Do not pretend to see everything in 10 days

 You need at least a month to see all the must-see places in Bali, do many activities, and visit the other islands. Seriously. If you want to do all this in 10-15 days, you will not enjoy 100% of your trip, you will get frustrated, and you will feel that your vacation is over too fast.

The best thing to do is choose the must-see places and activities you want to do and keep the itinerary of each day you spend on the island manageable. This way, you will be able to enjoy better all this island offers.

  1. Don’t stay only in Canggu

Canggu is a town located in the south of Bali and is famous for being where all the influencers travel to, and most digital nomads live. This way, many freelancers, programmers, web designers, editors, or paper writers aspire to live on this paradise island for at least a few months.

That’s why this place is one of the most known places in Bali, and many, many people who travel to the island spend most of their time in Canggu. And we are not saying that you should not visit this area, because it has beautiful beaches, trendy cafes, and an interesting atmosphere.

  1. “Virgin” zone

Related to the previous thing, if you want to make an authentic trip to Bali, to discover more in-depth its culture, to learn about its religion and to connect with its people, you have to visit some less touristy place because there it is where the true essence of Bali is.

 On the east coast, between Amed and Candidasa, in the Regency of Jembrana, in the west of Bali, in Sidemen or Munduk, many villages still maintain 100% the Balinese traditions. And if you can lodge in some of these places to spend a day of total tranquility and disconnection in nature, better than better.

  1. Rent a motorcycle

One of the things that are practically indispensable in Bali is the motorcycles. Everybody has a bike, as Balinese roads are not like European roads. They are much narrower, usually with one lane in each direction, in certain places with many curves, and above all, with many motorcycles. For that reason, crossing Bali by car is quite more difficult and slower than doing it on a motorcycle.

With a motorcycle, you can arrive much faster from one place to another and even arrive at places to which the cars cannot arrive. In addition, the freedom that gives you to have a motorcycle in Bali will never be able to give you a car.

All you need to drive a motorcycle in Bali is a driving license (obvious), an international driving license, and a lot of patience to endure the crazy traffic.

  1. Buy a raincoat

Another of the absolutely indispensable things in Bali is the raincoats. As you will know, Bali is a tropical island, and it is quite normal that it rains at any time of the year. If not, everything would not be so green and so beautiful.

In the rainy season, from November to April, the rains are much more frequent, and the probability that the rain will catch you on the bike is much higher.

But in the dry season, it also rains from time to time, and it almost always starts suddenly.

  1. Travel in the low season

If you want to escape the masses, travel in low season. Bali is a tourist destination that receives millions of tourists every year, so if you do not want to overwhelm you, you better travel between November and April (in the season of rain).

Most tourists visit Bali in the dry season (from May to October) because they fear it does not rain every day. But we already say to you that the rainy season in Bali is not so much.

It is true that it rains much more than in the dry season, but it does not rain all day and not every day. The rains in Bali are usually quite strong, but they do not usually last very long. In addition, if you take your raincoat, the rain should not be a problem.

A little rain is nothing compared with the tranquility that gives you to visit the most tourist places of Bali without so many people. In addition, if you travel in the low season, everything is more economical, and you can give yourself some extra caprice.

  1. Use mosquito repellent

It is not that in Bali, there are a lot of mosquitoes (so do not panic), but some of them are dangerous and can transmit diseases such as dengue fever.

That is why you must apply mosquito repellent after every shower and swimming in the pool. During the wet season, there are a lot more mosquitoes and even more during sunrise and sunset. You can find all kinds of repellents in pharmacies or any supermarket in Bali.

  1. Do not travel to Bali without insurance

You can never know if a “bad mosquito” will bite you, if it gives you gastroenteritis (very frequent in Bali, by the way), or if you twist an ankle trekking for some cascade. So, it is better always to take travel insurance.

In Bali, most hospitals are private, and the costs for any visit to the doctor are quite high. That’s why it’s better to have insurance and not have to worry about anything. 

  1. Respect the culture, religion, and people

For the Balinese, their culture and religion are very important. They respect them very much and, although we already know that you were going to do it anyway, we will ask you, please, that you also respect them.

When you visit temples or places with ceremonies, try not to attract attention, dress appropriately (covering your knees and shoulders), and follow the local people’s or your guide’s indications.

On the other hand, the Balinese are very calm people, and they do not like to get angry, to argue or to stress. So try not to do it. Also, raising your voice to someone is frowned upon in Bali.

  1. Take a card without commissions

Still, you must pay in cash in many places in Bali, like local markets, temples, warungs (traditional restaurants), or cabs.

So as not to be carrying a lot of money and have to look for houses of change every two or three to change money, we recommend you use a card without commissions to be able to withdraw Indonesian rupiahs from the cashiers without you having to pay anything.

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