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A comprehensive travel guide to Communal Ranch – a popular tourist spot in Impasugong, Bukidnon featuring things to do, recommended restaurants to try, and places to stay.

The town of Impasugong, nestled in the province of Bukidnon, stands out as a premier tourist destination within the Northern Mindanao Region. It has been increasingly capturing the attention of travelers due to its enchanting landscapes characterized by sweeping ridges and majestic mountains.

One of the most captivating gems in Impasugong is the Communal Ranch, under the stewardship of the local government unit. This expansive property spans an impressive 642 hectares and is situated in the heart of barangay Capitan Bayong, often referred to as the “Cinema Capital” of Impasugong. Notably, this location served as the iconic backdrop for the widely acclaimed film “Love Me Again,” featuring the renowned Matinee Idol Piolo Pascual and the esteemed actress Angel Locsin.

The Impasugong Communal Ranch boasts an awe-inspiring vista, with a harmonious interplay of earthy browns and vibrant greens, creating a truly cinematic spectacle. The landscape exudes a distinct “New Zealand vibe,” marked by the unique contours of the mountains, a sprawling pine tree plantation in Barangay Bontongon, and the majestic presence of Mt. Kulago in Barangay Dumalaguing, which graces the ranch’s main pasture with its imposing beauty.

Adding to its allure, the ranch features a conspicuous man-made pond that serves as the perfect backdrop for striking photographs, whether for tourists or prenuptial shoots. The reflection of the neighboring mountains in the pristine waters of the pond, coupled with the interplay of blue and white hues from the sky, culminates in a magical and captivating sight.

For those seeking to immerse themselves further in this picturesque setting, the Communal Ranch offers two Cowboy’s Quarters that can be transformed into charming function halls for various events. Additionally, visitors have the delightful opportunity to embark on horseback riding adventures, with rides available at a rate of Php200 per hour.

How to Get to Impasugong Communal Ranch in Bukidnon

If you’re traveling by private car, you can simply open Google Maps and search for “Impasugong Communal Ranch.” This should make it easy for you to locate the destination and plan your route.

By Bus from Davao City

When traveling from Davao City to Impasugong, you can expect a journey of approximately 5.5 to 6.5 hours from Davao City’s Ecoland Bus Terminal. To get there, simply board a bus heading towards Cagayan de Oro and inform the conductor that you’d like to be dropped off at the Impasugong Tourism Center. The fare for this trip is Php560. If you’re traveling at night, the travel time tends to be shorter. For example, when I departed from Ecoland Terminal at 11:30 pm, I reached Impasugong by 5:00 am.

By Bus from Cagayan de Oro City

Impasugong is actually closer to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) than Davao. You can reach Impasugong in approximately 2 hours. To get there, head to Agora Terminal in Cagayan de Oro and look for a bus bound for Davao, Malaybalay, Valencia, or Kibawe. Inform the conductor that you want to be dropped off at Impasugong Tourism Center, and the fare for this journey is Php155.

By Shuttle and Bus from Laguindingan Airport

For those traveling from Manila or Cebu, the most convenient route is to catch a flight to Cagayan de Oro City at Laguindingan Airport. Upon arrival at the airport, you can board a shuttle to the city center for a fixed fare of P199. From there, make your way to Agora Terminal and catch a bus to Impasugong.

Commuting from Impasugong Tourism Center to the Ranch

Starting from the Impasugong Tourism Center, you have the option to hop on a “rela,” the local tricycle, to reach the initial point of your journey. Once you arrive there, you’ll need to switch to a habal-habal, which will cost you Php200 for a round trip. The journey to the jump-off point takes approximately 15 minutes, while it takes about 10 minutes to reach the ranch from there.

Panika, a popular landmark in Impasugong beside the Tourism Center
Panika, a popular landmark in Impasugong beside the Tourism Center

For a stress-free and convenient travel experience, I suggest reaching out to Rey at 0907-108-8072. Rey is a trusted habal-habal driver in Impasugong, and I highly recommend his services.

Entrance Fee at Impasugong Communal Ranch

The entrance fee to Impasugong Communal Ranch is now Php50 (as of 1 November 2023) and another Php20 for the environmental fee. You can pay at the Tourism Center or at the jump-off point. Keep your ticket as there will be a final inspection before getting to the ranch area. Check out the other fees below including parking (if you are bringing your car).

Things to Do at Impasugong Communal Ranch

  1. Capture the Beauty: Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the stunning vistas! Impasugong Communal Ranch is undeniably one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the Philippines, so make sure to soak in the scenery and snap away.
  2. Saddle Up: If time allows, I highly recommend indulging in horseback riding, available at an affordable rate of just Php200 per hour.
  3. Dine with a View: Whether you’re hungry or simply craving a cup of coffee, pay a visit to the canteen (Cowboy’s Quarters). While the fare is straightforward, the panoramic view from this spot is nothing short of phenomenal.
  4. Explore On Foot: In addition to the enchanting man-made pond, there are other areas that deserve your attention. Take a leisurely stroll, and within a 5-10 minute walk from the parking area, you’ll discover even more captivating sights.
  5. Relax and Unwind: Last but not least, find a comfortable spot, sit back, relax, and savor the tranquility while you take in the breathtaking view.

Before going back to the center, make a stop at Lover’s Lane for another photo opportunity.

Stunning view from Lover's Lane
Stunning view from Lover’s Lane

Where to Stay in Impasugong


In Impasugong, lodging options are somewhat limited. During my visit on Tuesday, September 21, 2023, I opted to stay at RotyPeaks. While the place boasts a breathtaking view, I must note that the accommodations are relatively simple and basic. It’s worth mentioning that the road leading to the establishment is quite rugged, and it took approximately 45 minutes by habal-habal to reach it from the town center. There is no electricity in the area so make sure to charge your gadgets and bring a power bank so you can recharge. The mobile internet is working here.

If you’re in need of transportation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rey at 0907-108-8072. Rey can provide you with a ride to the communal ranch, and from there, he can drop you off at RotyPeaks. The following day, he’ll be there to pick you up and transport you to either the town center or the bus terminal. I paid Php1,300 plus a tip for his services. Rey is not only friendly but also skilled at capturing great photos and videos, so you can trust that you’ll be well taken care of when you use his service.

Cliffside Camping

Cliffside is one of the accommodations in Impasugong with a swimming pool. It is situated around 20 minutes away from the town proper. The view here is fantastic and there’s electricity and a phone signal.

Roy’s Tulogan

If you want a simple accommodation at the Poblacion or town center, then Toy’s Tulogan is a good choice. It’s located near the gymnasium and a walking distance to 711 convenience store. You can choose a non-airconditioned or airconditioned room. It’s a basic inn so don’t expect much.

Where to Eat in Impasugong

Several dining choices await those seeking culinary delights in Impasugong. As previously mentioned, one option is to dine at the canteen located inside the Communal Ranch. Alternatively, you can savor a meal at the recently opened 7/11 store located in the heart of the town center. However, if you’re in search of a dining establishment that combines excellent cuisine with a charming ambiance, your best bet is to visit Cowboy Town Resto, Quadra, or the Atugan Nature Farm.

Cowboy Town Resto


Atugan Nature Farm

Travel Tips and Reminders

Here are some travel tips and reminders for your visit to Impasugong Communal Ranch:

  1. To avoid crowds, consider starting your visit early in the morning if possible.
  2. Capture stunning shots during sunrise for more dramatic photos.
  3. Be prepared for changing weather by bringing an umbrella to shield yourself from both sun and rain, especially during the wet season when afternoon showers are common.
  4. Dress comfortably for your adventure.
  5. Extend your stay and enjoy the experience by bringing snacks or food. However, remember to “Clean As You Go” (CLAYGO) and dispose of your trash responsibly.
  6. Don’t miss the opportunity to fully appreciate the breathtaking views.

Enjoy your trip to Impasugong Communal Ranch!

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