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Planning to visit Hong Kong? This is your comprehensive Hong Kong Travel Guide featuring the best things to do in Hong Kong, must-visit tourist spots, places to stay, and sample itinerary and estimated budget.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. This bustling metropolis on China’s southeastern coast is a financial, trade, and cultural hub in the Asia Pacific region. From towering skyscrapers to bustling night markets, this city offers something to every kind of traveler.

The city is known for its thriving food scene, which offers various culinary delights, from traditional Cantonese cuisines to street food favorites. Visitors can explore its rich history and culture through its temples, museums, and heritage sites.

So, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Hong Kong is a city that will leave you fascinated. So book a ticket, pack your bags, and explore Hong Kong! Check out this list of the 21 best things to do in Hong Kong for your next vacation! Find cheap flights to Hong Kong


Tourist Spots and Things to Do in Hong Kong

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Victoria Peak

Take the iconic Peak Tram to the top of Victoria Peak for stunning views of the city skyline.

Considered one of the most popular tourist spots in Hong KongVictoria Peak stands at an altitude of 552 meters, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline and Victoria Harbour.

Peak Tram and Hong Kong City Skyline | © leungchopan / Adobe Stock

To reach the peak, you can take the Peak Tram, a historic funicular railway that has been operating for over a century. The tram ride takes you on a steep incline up the mountain, providing stunning views of the city along the way.

Once at the top of the peak, you can stroll around the Peak Circle Walk, a 3.5-kilometer path that offers stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. You can also visit the Sky Terrace 428, an observation deck that provides a 360-degree view of the city.

Star Ferry

Hop on a traditional ferry across Victoria Harbour to see Hong Kong’s skyline from the bay.

The Star Ferry is one of the most iconic and affordable ways to travel across Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The ferry service has been operating since 1888 and has become an essential part of Hong Kong’s history and culture.

The ferry ride takes only a few minutes, but tourists can expect stunning views of the city skyline, particularly at night when the buildings are lit up. The ferry operates between Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side and Central and Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour at sunrise | © sahachat / Adobe Stock

The Star Ferry is not just a means of transportation but also an attraction. It has been named one of the “50 Places of a Lifetime” by National Geographic and was awarded the “Top 10 Most Exciting Ferry Rides” by the Society of American Travel Writers.

Riding the Star Ferry is a great way to experience the bustling energy of Hong Kong and to see the city from a different perspective. It’s also an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers, as the fare is relatively low compared to other tourist activities.

Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha)

Visit this giant bronze statue of Buddha on Lantau Island.

The Big Buddha, also known as the Tian Tan Buddha, is a massive bronze statue on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. It stands 34 meters tall and weighs more than 250 tons, making it one of the world’s most giant outdoor seated Buddha statues.

Big Buddha / Tian Tan Buddha | © Kalyakan / Adobe Stock

The Ngong Ping 360 cable car, which offers stunning aerial views of Lantau Island and the surrounding seascape, can take visitors to the Big Buddha. Visitors can also climb the 268 steps to the statue’s base for a closer look or relax and enjoy the peaceful and serene surroundings.

The Big Buddha is part of the Po Lin Monastery, a popular tourist attraction for locals and tourists. Visitors can also find more Buddhist statues, temples, and prayer halls at the monastery and a vegetarian restaurant serving delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Visitors can also visit the nearby Ngong Ping Village, a themed village with traditional souvenirs, shops, and restaurants. The place is styled after a traditional Chinese market, with vendors selling local crafts, food, and souvenirs. The Big Buddha and Ngong Ping Village are must-sees for anyone visiting Hong Kong.

Ngong Ping 360

Take a cable car to Lantau Island for breathtaking views of the mountains and sea.

Ngong Ping 360 is a popular tourist attraction on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. It is a scenic cable car ride that takes visitors from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Village and the Big Buddha.

The cable car ride provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, seascape, and Hong Kong International Airport. The ride lasts about 25 minutes and covers a distance of more than 5 kilometers.

Ngong Ping 360 | Photo by under VirtualSteve creative commons

Visitors to Ngong Ping Village can explore various attractions, including the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Wisdom Path, and several other temples and prayer halls. In addition, the village has several dining and shopping options, including traditional Chinese street food, souvenirs, and handicrafts.

For a more thrilling experience, the Ngong Ping 360 also has a glass-bottomed cable car that provides a unique and exciting perspective of the mountainous terrain and sea below.

Ngong Ping 360 is a must-see attraction for any traveler, whether you want to explore the cultural and spiritual side of Hong Kong or enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Visit the theme park for a fun-filled day of rides, shows, and attractions.

Images of the bustling city skyline, the iconic Victoria Harbour, and the colorful street markets may come to mind when you think of Hong Kong. However, among the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong, the magical world of Hong Kong Disneyland should be noticed.

Hong Kong Disneland - a must-visit tourist spot in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Disneyland’s Castle of Magical Dreams

Hong Kong Disneyland, located on Lantau Island, allows visitors to enter a fairy tale world filled with beloved Disney characters, thrilling rides, and enchanting entertainment. Hong Kong Disneyland, with six themed lands, has something for everyone, from families with young children to thrill seekers and Disney fans of all ages.

Popular attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • The Castle of Magical Dreams 

    Be enchanted by the reimagined Castle of Magical Dreams—home to a fully refreshed “Follow Your Dreams” daytime musical stage show and the all-new nighttime spectacular “Momentous.” Watch in awe as it sets the evening ablaze with breathtaking delights that wrap up a truly unforgettable day!

  • The Most Magical Show on Earth: “Momentous”

    This much-anticipated show—filled with magic and light—illuminates the night sky with nearly 20 minutes of music and memorable moments, all wrapped up in one monumental journey.

  • Meet and greet with Disney Friends

    Everyone from Mickey Mouse, and the Marvel Super Heroes to Duffy and Friends—including their newest pal, the lovable fox LinaBell—have prepared brand-new surprises to celebrate special occasions while creating precious memories along the way. 

In addition to the attractions, Hong Kong Disneyland also features a wide range of dining and shopping options, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants and from souvenir shops to luxury boutiques.

Ocean Park

Enjoy rides and attractions, and see various marine animals at this popular theme park.

Ocean Park is a popular theme park and aquarium on Hong Kong Island’s southern coast. The park’s attractions include thrilling rides, animal exhibits, and interactive experiences.

The Hair Raiser roller coaster, the Abyss Turbo Drop ride, and the Ocean Express train ride are among the most popular attractions at Ocean Park. There are also animal exhibits at the park, such as giant pandas, sea lions, and penguins.

A visit to Ocean Park is one of the best things to do in Hong Kong
Ocean Park Hong Kong | Photo by Leonardolo under creative commons

In addition to rides and animal exhibits, Ocean Park provides visitors with many educational and interactive experiences. For example, visitors can participate in animal encounters and meet and interact with animals like dolphins and sea lions. Visitors can also learn about animal conservation and environmental protection through educational programs and workshops at the park.

Ocean Park is an excellent choice for families, groups of friends, and anyone looking for a fun and educational experience. Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions, thanks to its diverse attractions and interactive experiences.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Visit this beautiful temple in Kowloon, known for its traditional Chinese architecture and gardens.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a Taoist temple in Kowloon’s Wong Tai Sin district. The temple is dedicated to the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, which is said to have healing and blessing powers.

The temple attracts locals and tourists who come to pray and offer Wong Tai Sin. Visitors can also engage in traditional Chinese practices such as fortune telling and divination to seek guidance and advice.

Wong Tai Sin Temple one of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong
Wong Tai Sin Temple | Photo by: Andrew Moore / Flickr

The temple complex is beautifully decorated in traditional Chinese architecture, with several halls and pavilions dedicated to different deities. Visitors can explore the various halls and enjoy the sights and smells of burning incense and offerings while enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is also known for its lovely garden, which includes several traditional Chinese structures such as a pagoda and a koi pond. The garden is a great place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Avenue of Stars

Take a stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade to see handprints of famous Hong Kong movie stars and enjoy the view of Victoria Harbour.

The Avenue of Stars is a waterfront promenade in Tsim Sha Tsui that honors Hong Kong’s film industry. The avenue is a popular tourist destination, with handprints and autographs from some of Hong Kong’s most well-known actors and filmmakers.

The Avenue of Stars, modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame, contains over 100 bronze statues, movie-related exhibits, and other memorabilia. Visitors can stroll along the avenue, which provides stunning views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline.

The Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong one of the must-see at the Avenue of Stars
The Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong | Photo by Benson Kua / Flickr

The Avenue of Stars also includes a 4-meter-tall statue of Bruce Lee, one of Hong Kong’s most famous actors and martial artists, in addition to celebrity handprints and figures. The statue is a popular photo opportunity, and nearby there are free kung-fu performances and exhibitions for visitors.

Symphony of Lights

Watch the spectacular light and sound show over the Hong Kong skyline.

The Symphony of Lights is a spectacular multimedia light and sound show that takes place every night in Hong Kong. The show features a synchronized display of laser beams, LED lights, and music that illuminates over 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

The Symphony of Lights is one of the world’s most immense permanent light and sound shows, and it has received numerous awards for its creative and innovative use of technology. The best place to watch the show is from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which provides an unobstructed view of the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbour.

Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong
Symphony of Lights | Photo by Zaldy Camerino under creative commons

The show is divided into five themes: Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership, and Celebration. Each theme focuses on a different aspect of Hong Kong, ranging from its history and culture to its modern development and accomplishments. The show lasts about 13 minutes and is completely free to watch.

The Symphony of Lights is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Hong Kong because it offers an incredible view of the city and its vibrant culture. The show exemplifies Hong Kong’s status as a world-class city and a center for innovation and creativity.

The Peak Circle Walk

Take a leisurely stroll around Victoria Peak for panoramic views of the city.

The Peak Circle Walk is a scenic hiking trail that circles the top of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s highest mountain. The trail provides stunning views of the city and surrounding countryside and is popular with both locals and tourists.

The Peak Circle Walk is about 3.5 kilometers long and takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete, depending on your pace. Because the trail is well-paved and relatively easy to navigate, it is appropriate for hikers of all ages and abilities. Several lookout points along the way provide panoramic views of Hong Kong Island and the surrounding mountains.

The Peak Tram | Photo Credit: William Furniss / Hong Kong Tourism Board

One of the Peak Circle Walk’s highlights is the opportunity to see some of Hong Kong’s most expensive and luxurious homes nestled on the slopes of Victoria Peak. The trail also passes by several historic sites, including the Governor’s Lodge and the former residence of Hong Kong’s Governor.

The Peak Circle Walk is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Peak Circle Walk is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Hong Kong, whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll.

Dragon’s Back Hike

Hike this scenic trail for breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s coastline.

The Dragon’s Back Hike is a popular hiking trail that provides stunning views of Hong Kong and its surroundings. The track is located on the island’s southeastern side and is regarded as one of the best urban hikes in the world.

The hike begins at the Shek O Road and proceeds along the mountain’s ridge, which resembles a dragon’s back, hence the name. You’ll see stunning views of the South China Sea and the lush greenery of the surrounding hills along the way.

Dragon's Back Hiking Trail to Shek O
Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail to Shek O | Photo by countries in colors / Flickr

The hike is about 8.5 kilometers long and takes 3-4 hours, depending on your pace. The trail is well-marked and well-kept, making it suitable for hikers of all abilities. The level of difficulty is moderate, with some steep sections and stairs to climb.

The opportunity to visit some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches, including Big Wave Bay and Shek O Beach, is one of the highlights of the Dragon’s Back Hike. Both beaches are popular with locals and tourists, providing a great place to relax and cool off after a long hike.

Tai O Fishing Village

Visit this charming fishing village on Lantau Island to see stilt houses and try the local seafood.

The Tai O Fishing Village is a charming, traditional village on Lantau Island’s western coast. The village is known for its stilt houses built over the water and its distinct cultural heritage dating back to the early nineteenth century.

The Tai O Fishing Village is a popular tourist destination for visitors interested in experiencing the traditional way of life of the local fishing community. You can take a boat ride through the village’s narrow waterways to look closely at the stilt houses and learn about how the villagers have lived for generations.

Traditional wooden stilt houses in Tai O, a fishing village in Hong Kong | © ronniechua / Adobe Stock

The delicious seafood is one of the highlights of Tai O Fishing Village. Several seafood restaurants serve various fresh, locally caught seafood dishes in the village. Salted fish, shrimp paste, and dried seafood snacks are among the must-try dishes.

The Tai O Heritage Hotel, a beautifully restored heritage building once a police station, is another popular attraction in the Tai O Fishing Village. The hotel has colonial-style architecture and is ideal for those seeking a unique and authentic experience.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Hike up to this beautiful monastery in Sha Tin to see thousands of golden Buddha statues.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a unique and impressive Buddhist temple located in the New Territories of Hong Kong. Despite its name, the monastery is not a single building, but a complex of buildings spread out over a hillside.

One of the most striking features of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is its staircase, which leads visitors up to the main temple complex. The staircase is lined with 500 life-sized golden Buddha statues, each in a different pose. The climb up the stairs can be a workout, but the views from the top are well worth it.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery | Photo by: Constantine Agustin / Flickr

The main temple complex consists of several halls and pagodas adorned with thousands of Buddha statues. The statues range in size and style from miniature to life-size and are made of wood, gold, and jade.

In addition to the impressive architecture and artwork, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery also offers visitors a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The temple complex is surrounded by lush greenery and provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Chi Lin Nunnery

Visit this serene Buddhist nunnery in Kowloon, known for its beautiful gardens and architecture.

The Chi Lin Nunnery is a beautiful Buddhist temple complex in Kowloon’s Diamond Hill. It is well-known for its traditional Tang Dynasty-style architecture and tranquil gardens, which provide visitors with a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The nunnery was built in the 1930s, but it was rebuilt in the 1990s using traditional techniques and materials to create a Tang Dynasty-style complex. The nunnery’s main building is a stunning wooden structure with intricate carvings and beautiful details.

Chi Lin Nunnery | Hong Kong Tourism Board

The nunnery also has a lovely lotus pond surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. A raised walkway around the pond provides excellent views of the surrounding gardens and architecture.

The Chi Lin Nunnery’s beautiful temple halls, adorned with statues, carvings, and other decorative elements, are one of its highlights. The temple halls are an excellent place to learn about Buddhism while admiring the complex’s beautiful artwork and architecture.

Hong Kong Museum of History

Learn about Hong Kong’s rich history and culture at this fascinating museum.

The Hong Kong Museum of History, located in Tsim Sha Tsui, is fascinating. The museum provides visitors with a comprehensive look at Hong Kong’s history and culture, from prehistoric times to the present.

The museum is divided into several galleries, each focusing on a different aspect of the city’s history. The galleries cover topics such as Hong Kong’s early development, the British colonial period, the Japanese occupation during World War II, and Hong Kong’s modern era.

Hong Kong Museum of History is one of the top tourist spots in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Museum of History | Daderot / Wikimedia

The museum’s exhibits are interactive and engaging, with a mix of artifacts, multimedia displays, and dioramas that help bring Hong Kong’s history to life. Visitors can see ancient pottery, traditional costumes, and antique furniture, as well as learn about the culture and customs of the various groups that have shaped Hong Kong’s history.

The life-sized diorama of a traditional Hong Kong street scene, which offers a glimpse into daily life in the city in the early twentieth century, is one of the museum’s highlights. The museum also has a lovely rooftop garden with views of Victoria Harbour.

Man Mo Temple

Visit this historic temple in Sheung Wan, known for its large incense coils.

Man Mo Temple is a lovely and historic temple in Sheung Wan. It is one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most important temples, dedicated to the gods of literature (Man) and war (Mo).

The temple was built in the 1840s during the early days of the British colonial period in Hong Kong. It is a stunning example of traditional Chinese architecture with ornate carvings, intricate details, and an attractive red-and-gold color scheme.

Incense burning at the Man Mo Temple, the most famous Taoist temple in Hong Kong | © David Davis / Adobe Stock

The temple’s various halls and pavilions, adorned with beautiful statues and other decorative elements, are open to visitors. The temple’s main hall has a large incense burner where visitors can light incense sticks as an offering to the gods.

One of its highlights is the beautiful and intricate ceiling of Man Mo Temple, which is covered with thousands of small, ornate coils of incense. Several historical artifacts, such as antique furniture, bronze incense burners, and other decorative items, can also be found at the temple.

Cat Street Market

Browse antiques and curios at this unique market in Sheung Wan.

Cat Street Market, also known as Upper Lascar Row, is a bustling open-air market in Hong Kong Island’s Sheung Wan district. It is a popular tourist destination with a wide variety of unique and exciting items for sale.

The market is well-known for its antique and vintage items, which range from old photographs and postcards to vintage clothing and jewelry. Visitors will also find a wide range of art and handicrafts, such as Chinese calligraphy and paintings, as well as souvenirs and gifts.

A visit to the Cat Street Market is one of the top things to do in Hong Kong
Cat Street Market | Photo by: VasenkaPhotography / Flickr

Cat Street Market is a great place to experience the city’s vibrant street life and shopping options. The market is packed with a diverse range of vendors and shoppers, and the lively atmosphere will leave visitors with a lasting impression.

Cat Street Market is also close to popular local attractions like Man Mo Temple and the PMQ arts and design center. Cat Street Market is a must-see destination for anyone looking for unique souvenirs or simply wanting to experience the energy of one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant neighborhoods.


Enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline from the observation deck on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre.

Sky100 is a popular observation deck on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), one of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline and harbor from this vantage point, making it a must-see for anyone interested in architecture or photography.

Visitors to Sky100 can enjoy breathtaking views from all sides of the observation deck and several interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that provide information about Hong Kong’s history, culture, and architecture.

International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong
International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong | Photo by: Bernard Spragg. NZ / Flickr

One of Sky100’s highlights is the Sky-High Tea experience, which allows visitors to enjoy a traditional Hong Kong tea service while admiring the city’s stunning views. Yoga classes, photography workshops, and special events during major holidays and festivals are among the other popular events and activities at Sky100.


Bring the kids to this indoor playland with slides, ball pits, and interactive games.

Kiztopia is a Hong Kong indoor playground located in the heart of the city. This family-friendly attraction provides a variety of exciting activities for children of all ages, making it a must-visit destination for families visiting the city.

Kiztopia offers a variety of interactive games and activities for children, including a ball pit, slides, climbing walls, trampolines, and obstacle courses. The facility is intended to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children, with staff on hand to supervise and assist with activities.

Kiztopia in Hong Kong
Kiztopia in Hong Kong / Photo credit:

Kiztopia, in addition to its indoor play areas, provides a variety of educational and creative activities for children, such as art classes, music lessons, and language programs.

M+ Museum

Discover contemporary art and design at this new museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District.

M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture, has opened in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District. M+ is more than just a museum; it’s a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can interact and exchange ideas with artists, makers, and the community.

M+ Museum, one of the newest attractions in Hong Kong | Lord Jaraxxus / Wikimedia

Visitors can look forward to its pre-eminent collections of visual art, design and architecture, and moving image from Hong Kong, Greater China, Asia, and beyond.

Food Trip in Mong Kok and Nearby Areas

Mong Kok is a vibrant and bustling district in Hong Kong known for its dynamic street markets, diverse shopping options, and delicious street food located in the heart of Kowloon. Aside from the food stalls and local eateries, Mong Kok has some incredible restaurants that provide a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable dining experience.

Street food in Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Street food in Mong Kok, Hong Kong | Photo by: Thomas M. Hansen / Wikimedia

Ming Court

Ming Court is a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its exquisite Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant’s elegant and contemporary decor provides the perfect backdrop for the restaurant’s sumptuous dishes. The menu here is extensive, including a range of Cantonese dishes, such as dim sum, barbecued meats, and seafood. One of the must-order dishes here is barbecue supreme pork loin (char siu), made only from the center cut of pork shoulder and marinated in a secret recipe containing over 20 ingredients.

Kee Tsui Cake Shop

For a sweet treat, make your way to Kee Tsui Cake Shop, a local bakery that’s been serving up some of the city’s best egg tarts for over 60 years. The egg tarts here are freshly baked and have a buttery, flaky crust that perfectly complements the smooth and creamy custard filling. In addition to egg tarts, the bakery also offers a variety of other pastries, such as chicken biscuits and wife cakes, which are also worth trying.

Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roast Goose Restaurant

No food trip to Hong Kong is complete without trying some roast goose, and Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roast Goose Restaurant is the perfect place to do so. This local eatery is famous for its succulent and crispy roast goose roasted in a traditional charcoal oven. The restaurant’s roast goose is so popular that it’s often sold out by midday, so it’s best to come early to avoid disappointment. Pair the roast goose with a bowl of steamed rice and some Chinese vegetables for a truly satisfying meal.

Kam Wah Cafe and Bakery

Kam Wah Cafe and Bakery is a local institution that has been serving up some of the city’s best pineapple buns and egg tarts for over 50 years. The pineapple buns here are a must-try, with a sweet and crumbly topping perfect for the soft and fluffy bun. Contrary to its name, their pineapple bun does not contain any pineapple. It is called so because its outer layer resembles the texture of the fruit.

Mong Kok is a foodie’s paradise, with a wide variety of restaurants and eateries offering some of the city’s best food. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or casual street food, Mong Kok has something for everyone. So the next time you’re in Hong Kong, be sure to take a food trip to Mong Kok and explore some of the fantastic restaurants and eateries in the area.

If you’re looking for even more family-friendly fun, be sure to visit Madam Tussauds and Legoland for a day of interactive exhibits and entertainment. There’s truly something for everyone in Hong Kong, so be sure to explore and discover all the city has to offer.

Top 10 Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Hong Kong

  1. Victoria Peak: This iconic hilltop destination offers stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline and harbor.
  2. Star Ferry: A ferry ride across Victoria Harbor is a must-do activity in Hong Kong, with stunning views of the city’s skyscrapers and vibrant harbor.
  3. Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha): Located on Lantau Island, this enormous bronze Buddha statue is an awe-inspiring sight that attracts visitors from all over the world.
  4. Ngong Ping 360: This cable car ride takes you on a breathtaking journey over the lush mountains of Lantau Island, with stunning views of the Big Buddha and surrounding scenery.
  5. Hong Kong Disneyland: This magical theme park is a must-visit destination for families and Disney fans, with thrilling rides, colorful parades, and enchanting shows.
  6. Ocean Park: This world-class marine and amusement park offers an exciting blend of animal encounters, thrilling rides, and stunning ocean views.
  7. Wong Tai Sin Temple: This colorful Taoist temple is a popular destination for both tourists and locals, with its intricate architecture, rich history, and spiritual ambiance.
  8. Avenue of Stars: This waterfront promenade pays tribute to Hong Kong’s most famous film stars, with handprints, statues, and plaques honoring their contributions to the local film industry.
  9. Symphony of Lights: This dazzling light and sound show is a nightly spectacle that illuminates the city’s skyscrapers and harbor, creating a stunning visual display.
  10. The Peak Circle Walk: This scenic walking trail takes you on a leisurely stroll around Victoria Peak, with breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

These top tourist spots in Hong Kong provide an excellent blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and entertainment, making it an ideal destination for visitors of all ages and interests.

Hong Kong Itinerary with Estimated Budget

Day 1:

  • Morning: Check-in or leave bag at the hotel
  • Afternoon: Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car to see the Big Buddha and explore Ngong Ping Village and Po Lin Monastery. Estimated cost: Php1,680 for the round trip cable car ride. Get a disounted ticket
  • Evening: Explore the Central and Sheung Wan neighborhoods, and grab dinner at a local eatery. Estimated cost: Varies based on personal preferences.

Day 1 estimated budget: Php4,000 excluding flight and hotel

Day 2:

  • Whole Day: Visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Estimated cost: Php4,567 for a one-day admission ticket. Buy Discounted Disneyland Ticket
  • Evening: Catch the fireworks show at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Day 2 estimated budget: Php6,000-8,000 (depending on lunch and dinner choices) + hotel cost

Day 3:

  • Morning: Visit Victoria Peak and take the Peak Tram to the top. Estimated cost: Php994 for a round-trip Peak Tram ride with access to Sky Terrace 428. Purchase ticket
  • Mid-morning: Walk the Peak Circle Walk and take in the panoramic views of Hong Kong.
  • Afternoon: Take a ferry ride on the iconic Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui. Estimated cost: Php25 per adult. Then, shop at the Ladies’ Market and explore the surrounding Mong Kok area. Estimated cost: Varies based on personal preferences.
  • Evening: Watch the Symphony of Lights show at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. Estimated cost: Free admission.

Day 3 estimated budget: Php3,000 (excluding souvenirs) + Hotel cost

Day 4:

  • Morning: Shopping
  • Noon: Check out at the hotel/leave bag if flight is in the evening
  • Afternoon: More shopping and food trip if flight is in the evening
  • Evening: Fly back to Manila

Day 4 estimated budget: Php2,000 (excluding shopping expenses)

Overall estimated budget for the 4-day itinerary: Php15,000 to 20,000 (excluding flight and accommodation).

Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Here are some popular areas to stay in Hong Kong:

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui: This bustling district is a popular tourist spot, with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It is also well-connected to public transport, making it a convenient base for exploring the city. Check out the top-rated hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui below:
  2. Central: This area is the financial hub of Hong Kong, but it also has a lot to offer in terms of dining and shopping. It is also home to some of the city’s top tourist attractions, such as Victoria Peak. Check out the top-rated hotels in Kong Kong Central below:
  3. Causeway Bay: This district is known for its shopping, with many malls and department stores located here. It also has a vibrant nightlife and a range of dining options. Check out the top-rated hotels in Causeway Bay below:
  4. Mong Kok: This neighborhood is known for its street markets and is a great place to experience the local culture. It is also well-connected to public transport, making it easy to get around the city. Check out the top-rated hotels in Mong Kok below:
  5. Wan Chai: This district is a mix of old and new, with traditional markets and temples alongside modern bars and restaurants. It is also home to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Check out the top-rated hotels in Wan Chai below:

There are many accommodation options in each of these areas, from luxury hotels to budget hostels. It’s best to research and compare prices and amenities to find the best option for your budget and preferences.

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