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As the Holy Week break approaches next month, travelers can expect to see a reduction in airfare prices as the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has lowered the fuel surcharge level for April. The CAB released an advisory on Wednesday stating that the passenger and cargo fuel surcharge for domestic and international flights would be adjusted to Level 6 for the entire month of April 2023.

The adjusted fuel surcharge level is the same as last February before it increased this month.

The adjusted fuel surcharge rates for Level 6 are as follows: passengers traveling on domestic flights can expect to pay between P185 to P665, while those traveling abroad can expect to pay between P610.37 to P4,538.40, depending on the distance of the flight.

In contrast, under the current Level 7, domestic passenger flights are charged fuel surcharges ranging from P219 to P739 depending on the distance, and international passenger flights originating from the Philippines are charged fuel surcharges ranging from P722.71 to P5,373.69.

This reduction in fuel surcharge levels will benefit travelers by making air travel more affordable during the Holy Week break in April.

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