They say, if you want to truly enjoy a new place, explore it like a local. Not all tourists might like riding the double-decker, hop-on-hop-off bus, but the Turibus is something to experience in Mexico City. If you’re planning to tour around the megacity, this is the best way to witness the beauty of Mexico. [Read: Mexico Itinerary & Expenses]

Here are the main routes for hassle-free tours you can experience while riding the Turibus:

Polanco-Chapultepec-Hipodromo Tour

Polanco-Chapultepec-Hipodromo is the most fashionable and newest route available when touring around Mexico City. This route offers the best shopping spots as well as the most beautiful architecture in the megacity.

Polanco is the chi-chi neighborhood of Mexico City. The tour continues to Chapultepec Park and other trendy neighborhoods like Roma and Condesa. Places you will see during this tour are the Auditorio, Arquimedes Campos Eliseos, Masaryk, Centro Comercial Antara, Museo Soumaya, Hipodromo de las Americas, and the Museo Tecnologico de la CFE.

Basilica Tour

If you want to visit the main churches of the city, the Basilica route is the way to go. This will bring you to the quintessential sacred tourist spots across pre-Hispanic, colonial, and of course, the modern eras that this great capital city has to offer.

The five stops during the Basilica tour include the Zocalo, Garibaldi, Tlatelolco, Basilica, and the Palacio de los Condes de Miraville. You can refer to the audio guide which is available in 8 languages to help you out through your journey.

Downtown Tour

When you take the downtown tour, you will have the chance to explore the rich history of Mexico City and its breathtaking culture, cuisine, and architecture. There are a total of 19 stops throughout this bus tour that include the Museum of Modern Art, Condesa, Fountain of Cibeles, Reforma 222, Ripley’s and Wax Museum, and the National Museum of Anthropology among others.

The Turibus departs between 9am to 9pm daily. You can hop on and off in any stops to help you reach your destinations during your Mexico tour. You can listen to the recorded commentary using a headset so that you will know about the monuments, neighborhoods, and buildings you see from the bus.

Ticket price is at MXN160 (USD8) on weekdays and MXN180 (USD9) on weekends and you can buy online or at the bus stops. The good thing is, you can hop on and hop off the main routes in a single ticket. You just have to start early to make the most of it. I highly recommend you stay in the upper deck so you will clearly see everything that the bus passes through. [Read: What to See from Chichen Itza]

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