One of my favorite activities during our Visit Perak trip was cruising the Lake Banding on board a traditional boathouse. It was one of the most memorable experience I had during the entire familiarization tour. There was a very limited network coverage so we had time to really talk to each other and enjoy the beauty and serenity of Lake Banding

We cruised Lake Banding for about two hours before we finally arrived in our chalet accommodation. We had a short stopover at the Jahai Tribe community of the Royal Belum Rainforest where we were given a short brief about the tribe. We were able to interact with the local villagers and learned a little bit about their culture and tradition. 

We continued our journey to Sg. Tiang Campsite, a place with chalet accommodation ideal for people who prefers to sleep in a comfortable bed with basic amenities. There were only limited number of rooms so some of us opted to stay in the boathouse.

After docking at Sg Tiang Campsite, we  changed outfits and started playing the warm water of Lake Banding. We tried the bamboo raft and played like kids. It was a fantastic experience. It was the most enjoyable part of the cruise. 

After swimming, we were served with dinner. Damn, the food were all good – grilled chicken, lamb and vegetables. Plus, we had durian for dessert! I enjoyed the food a lot!  I ate them with so much gusto. Burp!

There was no phone signal in the campsite so we had no other choice but to mingle with each other. Then, we slept quite early since we still have to wake up early the next day for other activities. It was a day well spent!

The following morning, we were served with sumptuous breakfast and lunch in the boat house. We also explored a couple of waterfalls within the Belum Rainforest. It was tiring but it was definitely a memorable experience.

Big thanks to Empayar Awan Biru for organizing the Social Influencers Fest 2017. Also thanks to the sponors: Malaysia Inbound Toursim Association (MITA), Homestay Malaysia, GetFi, Destination Perak, MB Inc. MK Land Inc., Koridor Utara, Royal Belum, Tourism Malaysia, Perak Agrotourism Resort, Swiss Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Casuarina Hotel Ipoh, & Laketown Resort.

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