Malaysia is known for its reliable homestay program and one that I have personally experienced is the Homestay at Labu Kubong in Perak. It wasn’t just an ordinary homestay. We were able to experience what it’s like to live like a local in Labu Kubong.

Arrival In Labu Kubong
It was already late when we arrived in Labu Kubong. There was a program that the local community has prepared to welcome us. We had dinner along with the local community and we felt the warm welcome of the villagers. After dinner, we were assigned by our homestay and met foster parents. I stayed at Nazir’s homestay together with my Korean friend Isaac.

Village Activities
A day after our arrival, we tried different activities in Labu Kubong. We first visited their local honey production. We tried it like we did in PATRO but Labu Kubong’s honey has a different taste. It’s more of sour rather than sweet. It was something different although I must say I am really a fan of the sweet variety of honey.

After exploring the sting-less bee farm, we visited the local rubber plantation where some of us tried doing what the locals do – extracting the milky latex from the rubber tree. It was really an interesting activity.

Our next stop was the rice paddy. They wanted us to experience planting rice so some of us tried it including myself. We had to get into the muddy rice field in order to do it. Dirt was all over me but it was a great experience overall.

Before heading for lunch, locals invited some of us to play rugby the Labu Kubong way. It was very interesting because they wanted to play in the muddy rice field. It is not my thing so I just watched them play in the dirt. I enjoyed watching them covered in mud and dirt. Hahaha.

Labu Kubong is really something you should see and experience if you want to try a homestay program. I’m pretty sure you will like it especially when you love nature and adventure.

Big thanks to Empayar Awan Biru for organizing the Social Influencers Fest 2017. Also thanks to the sponors: Malaysia Inbound Toursim Association (MITA), Homestay Malaysia, GetFi, Destination Perak, MB Inc. MK Land Inc., Koridor Utara, Royal Belum, Tourism Malaysia, Perak Agrotourism Resort, Swiss Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Casuarina Hotel Ipoh, & Laketown Resort.

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