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This is my Latin America itinerary and expenses for 24 days, visiting the countries of Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia.

It was in December 2017 when I chanced upon a post in the DIY Travel Philippines Facebook group about a Turkish Airlines promo. I immediately opened the Turkish Airlines website to check if it’s real. It was, so I did not have second thoughts and booked a ticket to Bogota, Colombia right then and there. I started planning my trip with several changes in the itinerary.  I left Davao on May 2, 2018, and began my dream trip to Latin America. Below is my Latin America Itinerary and Expenses.

Latin America Itinerary and Expenses

Day 0 – Davao to Istanbul

  • Fly from Davao to Manila via Philippines AirAsia (complimentary ticket I won in an event)
  • Transferred from NAIA 4 to NAIA 3 to have lunch (free airport transfer, just show your onward boarding pass)
  • Fly from Manila to Istanbul [connecting flight, 20 hours layover] Php20,340 return ticket, promo fare bought on December 2017.
  • Lunch at Turcuisine inside Istanbul Airport Php1,500. I later found out that if you have more than 10 hours layover you can get a complimentary meal voucher from Turkish Airlines you can use at the airport’s food court.
  • Coffee Php300. The main reason we had coffee was to get free wifi. Istanbul airport’s free wifi is only good for two hours.
  • Dinner at Istanbul Airport Php500
Latin America Itinerary - Bogota International Airport

 Day 1: Arrival in Bogota [Read: The Road to Latin America: An Intro to Our Adventure in Bogota + Expenses]

  • Uber from Airport to Botanico Hostel Php500/2. Uber is not completely legal in Bogota so we had to go to the car park since the Uber driver cannot pick us up at the arrival area. Parking C is just in front of the arrival doors. Wifi is available at the airport so you can book your Uber.
  • Dinner Php364. I had Ajiaco and wine. Ajiaco is a Colombian dish basically made of potato.
  • Water Php20
  • Hostel Php640

Day 2: Bogota

  • Hostel Php640. Breakfast is complimentary.
  • Lunch at El Enviganeo Php490. I had a local dish called bandeja paisa. Huge serving good for 2-3 people. 
  • Lemonade Php55
  • Taxi to Monserrate from the restaurant Php90/2. Monserrate is where you get an overlooking view of Bogota.
  • Cable car to the viewing deck Php365. We opted to take the cable car instead of taking the Funicular, a less expensive way of going up. Visitors can also use the stairs to go up but there are cases of robbery in the area, so use the stairs with caution. 
  • Water Php20
  • Taxi from Monserrate to Botanico Hostel Php180/2
Aerial view of Bogota

Day 3: Bogota to Havana [Read: First Time in CUBA: A Tale of A Filipino Travel Blogger]

  • Lunch at La Puerta Falsa Php273. Tried their famous tamales and chocolate completo (milk chocolate with cheese).
  • Uber from Botanico Hostel to Airport Php475
  • Check-in fine Php910. I did not read the fine print (my fault) so I had to pay extra to check-in at the airport counter. If you fly with Wingo, you must check-in online to avoid paying extra.
  • Water Php40
  • Flight ticket from Bogota to Havana via Wingo (budget airline) Php7,360. Their staff at the check-in counter, boarding gate and flight attendants barely speak English so be prepared if you don’t speak Spanish.
  • Cuba Tourist Card Pho1,000. Most nationalities including Filipinos do not require a visa in advance. All you need is to purchase a tarjeta de turista (tourist card) at the airport of your departure (with direct flight to Cuba).
  • Taxi from Havana Airport to my Casa Particular (AirBnB) Php1,600. The usual fare is around Php1,300 but I arranged my transportation in advance from my host. I don’t want to get lost in Havana so it’s better to pay a little bit more.
  • Room in casa particular Php4,702 for 3 nights.
Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Day 4 : Varadero, Cuba [Read: A Taste of the Caribbean in Varadero, Cuba]

  • Taxi from Casa particular to Viazul bus terminal Php500. It’s a 20 minutes ride. I highly suggest you buy your bus ticket online in advance. If you don’t have a ticket, you need to go to the bus terminal early just like I did to get a seat.
  • Water at the bus terminal Php50
  • Bus fare from Havana to Varadero Php500. It’s a 3-hour journey with a CR and snacks stop.
  • Lunch Php175
  • Snacks Php125
  • Bus from Varadero back to Havana Php500. I only stayed in Varedor for about 3 hours. I wanted to stay longer but I had to go back to Havana. If you have time, I highly recommend staying a night or two in Varadero.
  • Dinner Php450
  • Internet Card Php500. I bought 5 cards (1 hour each) in Hotel Deauville Habana at Php100 per piece. If you buy from ETECSA, it will only cost Php75 but be prepared for a long queue.
Latin America Itinerary: Varadero, Cuba
Varadero, Cuba

Day 5: Celebrating my Birthday in Havana

  • Breakfast prepared by my host Php250
  • Lunch Php250
  • Tour around Havana with a 1953 Chevrolet convertible Php1,600. It’s a 20-minute tour around the popular sites of Havana including the Revolution Square.
  • Dinner Php500
Tour around Havana with a 1953 Chevrolet convertible

Day 6: Havana to Cancun [Read: Cancun: A Beach Paradise in Mexico]

  • Taxi from casa particular to Havana Airport Php1,300
  • Pasalubong Php1,000
  • Snacks Php300
  • The plane fare from Havana to Cancun via Interjet Php7,500
  • The private car from Cancun Airport to Ibis Hotel Cancun Centro Php1,340. Uber has stopped operating in Cancun late last year. There are no regular taxis so I had to hire a private car to my hotel. Another option to save money is to take a bus to downtown Cancun and take a taxi from there to your hotel.
  • Hotel Php2,940
  • Lunch Php110
  • Bus from hotel to Zona Hotelera and back Php65
  • Taxi to the hotel (I got lost) Php94
  • Grocery Php400
  • Dinner Php193
Cancun, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

Day 7: Exploring Chichen Itza [Read: What to See from Chichen Itza,  Vestige of the Ancient Maya]

  • Chichen Itza Day Tour booked via GetYourGuide (Chichen Itza, Cenote Swim, and Lunch) – Php3,500
  • Water from the restaurant Php94
  • Lemonade Php113
  • Guide tip Php135
  • Ibis Hotel Php2,940
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Chichen Itza, Mexico

Day 8: Cancun to Mexico City [Read: First time in MEXICO: Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips]

  • Taxi from hotel to Cancun Airport Php670
  • Lunch at the airport Php477
  • The plane fare from Cancun to Mexico City via Interjet Php4,800. I actually like Interjet. It has wide legroom and it offers snacks as well. Pretty cheap compared to the full-service airlines in Latin America.
  • Uber from Cancun airport to Hotel El Salvador Php345
  • Hotel El Salvador Php1,610. It is situated within Mexico’s historic center. Book now!
  • Dinner at Restaurante El Cardenal, a top-rated restaurant in Mexico Php1,045
Cenote in Mexico

Day 9: Lazing in Mexico City

  • Breakfast Php158
  • Lunch Php140
  • Laundry Php255
  • Dinner Php536
  • Hotel Php1,610
Mexico City, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

Day 10: Mexico City by Turibus [Read: Turibus Mexico: How to Explore Mexico City by Turibus]

  • Uber from hotel to Turibus stop Php126
  • Turibus 1 day ticket PhpPhp482. A bus tour (double-decker) around Mexico City’s attractions.
  • Lunch Php284
  • Water Php26
  • Postcards Php134
  • Starbucks tumbler Php510
  • Hotel Php1,610
Mexico City

Day 11: Mexico to Lima

  • Uber from El Salvador Hotel to Mexico City Airport Php355
  • Snacks Php440
  • Ref Magnets from the airport Php430
  • The plane fare from Mexico City to Lima via Interjet Php13,333
  • Dinner at Lima Airport Php293
  • Water Php80

Day 12: Lima to La Paz [Read: First time in BOLIVIA: Itinerary, Expenses and Travel Tips]

  • The plane fare from Lima to La Paz via Peruvian Air Php7,075
  • Taxi from La Paz Airport to Host San Sebastian Php385
  • Host San Sebastian Hostel Php810. It’s located in El Alto. Book now!
  • Collectivo (communal taxi) from hostel to La Paz city proper Php27. It’s a 20 minutes ride.
  • Postcards Php62
  • Ref magnets Php154
  • Lunch (lomo saltado) Php230
  • Taxi to Plaza Espana Php115 for about 30 minutes.
  • Cable car from city proper to El Alto (yello line) Php23
  • Water Php54
  • Taxi from hostel to Todo Turismo office Php230 for 35 minutes
  • Overnight bus from La Paz to Uyuni Php2,076. It’s highly recommended that you book in advance.
La Paz, Bolivia

Day 13: Exploring Salar de Uyuni [Read: Salar de Uyuni: Heaven’s Mirror on Earth]

  • Coffee Php77
  • Salar de Uyuni Tour Php3,940
  • Entrance fee to Incahuasi Island Php230
  • Guide tip Php385
  • Airport tax Php85
  • The plane fare from Uyuni back to La Paz via Amaszonas Php4,000
  • Hotel in La Paz Php810
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Day 14: La Paz to Copacabana to Puno [Read: Copacabana to Isla del Sol : Pilgrimage to the Ancient Inca Holy Site]

  • Taxi from hostel to Adventure Brew for Bolivia Hop bus pick up Php230. Bolivia Hop only picks up from hotel/hostel within the city proper.
  • Bolivia Hop Php2,885. It covers my bus trip from La Paz to Copacabana to Puno and to Cusco.
  • Breakfast Php308
  • Lunch Php193
  • Isla del Sol Tour Php540
  • Hostel in Puno Php535
  • DinnerPhp260
Copacabana, Bolivia

Day 15: Puno, Peru [Read: Lake Titicaca: A Full Day Itinerary]

  • Lake Titicaca Full Day tour (including lunch) Php1,020
  • Traditional boat ride in Uros Php162
  • Dinner Php245
Puno, Peru

Day 16: Cusco, Peru [Read: Cusco: A UNESCO World Heritage Site]

  • Breakfast complimentary at Marriott El Convento Hotel Cusco
  • Lunch Php260
  • Dinner Php730
  • Taxi rental around Cusco Php1,465/3. We visited Tambomachay, Puca Pucara, Saqsayhuaman, and Qenqo)
  • General tourism admission ticket (Cusco attractions, sacred valley, and museums) Php2,110
  • Hotel Tupac Yupanqui Php4,270/3. Originally from Php6,400 but I asked for a discount since we are staying for 4 nights.
  • Grocery Php488
  • Poncho + hat Php1,463
Cusco, Peru

Day 17: Sacred Valley of the Incas [Read: A Visit to the Sacred Valley of the Incas]

  • Sacred Valley Tour Php1,137 (includes lunch). We visited Chinchinero, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Pisac, and Salineras de Maras.
  • Hat Php245
  • Dinner Php292
  • Hotel Tupac Yupanqui Php4,270/3
Salineras de Maras, Peru
Salineras de Maras, Peru

Day 18: Lake Humantay

  • Lake Humantay Tour Php1,137 (includes lunch)
  • Water Php80
  • Entrance to the lake Php163
  • Horse rental Php810
  • Dinner Php520
  • Grocery Php230
  • Hotel Tupac Yupanqui Php4,270/3
Lake Humantay, Peru
Lake Humantay, Peru

Day 19: Machu Picchu [Read: A Journey to the Incan Elite City of Machu Picchu]

  • Machu Picchu Tour from Cusco (includes lunch, dinner, first-class train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and back) Php12,790
  • Sweatshirt made from Alpaca hair Php570
  • Ref magnets Php325
  • Hotel Tupac Yupanqui Php4,270/3
Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, Peru

Day 20: Rainbow Mountain [ Read: Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain]

  • Rainbow Mountain Tour Php1,300 (includes lunch and breakfast)
  • Entrance to Rainbow Mountain Php163
  • Horse rental Php1,462
  • Dinner Php910
  • Hotel Tupac Yupanqui Php4,270/3
Rainbow Mountain, Peru
Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Day 21: Cusco to Lima [Read: First time in PERU: Itinerary, Expenses and Travel tips]

  • Private car from Hotel to Airport Php1950/5
  • Plane fare from Cusco to Lima via Peruvian Air Php4,275
  • Private car from Lima Airport to Westin Hotel Php2,356/3
  • Hotel at Westin Lima Php15,900/3
  • Taxi from hotel to Larcomar Php245/3
  • Grocery Php975
  • Starbucks tumbler Php650
  • Midnight snack Php260
Dinner with friends in Lima, Peru

Day 22: Lima to Bogota

  • Breakfast in Lima Php325
  • Taxi from Westin Hotel to Lima Airport Php585
  • The plane fare from Lima to Bogota via Viva Air (budget airline) Php6,775. You must check-in online and must print your boarding pass to avoid extra charges at the airport.
  • Uber from Bogota airport to Hotel Ambar Php455
  • Grocery and Pasalubong Php1,712
  • Dinner Php437
  • Ambar Hotel Php1,350. The hotel is a walking distance to Plaza de Bolivar and the Gold Museum. Book now!
Lima, Peru

Day 23: Bogota

  • Uber from Ambar hotel to the market Php102. I wanted to see the flower market but I was already late. 
  • Grocery and Pasalubong Php1,385
  • Lunch Php365
  • Snacks Php20
  • Ambar Hotel Php1,350
Bogota, Colombia

Day 24: Bogota to Istanbul

  • Uber from hotel to Airport Php420
  • Starbucks Mug from the airport Php910
  • Pasalubong Php2,295
Bogota, Colombia

Day 25: Istanbul Airport

  • Pasalubong Php3,680. I bought Turkish delights and boxes of premium baklava
  • Perfume Php1,870. Lacoste Essential was on sale. Can’t resist it. Hahaha
  • Lunch (complimentary from Turkish Airlines)
  • Dinner Php375

Total Cost of Travel, 24 Days in Latin America Itinerary plus travel expenses from Davao, Philippines to Bogota, Colombia and back to Manila, Philippines.

  • Colombia including airfare from Manila Php34,950
  • Cuba Php15,256
  • Mexico Php35,236
  • Bolivia Php38,745
  • Peru Php50,675
  • Colombia to Istanbul Php23,478

Total travel cost from Davao to Latin America intinerary and back to Manila: Php198,340.00

Travel Notes

  • I could have reduced my travel expenses if I stayed in dorm-type accommodation all throughout my trip. I only stayed in a dorm for 2 nights in Bogota.
  • I could have saved if I used public shared transport. I pretty much-used taxis and uber during my trip.

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